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New York Seminars

Greeley Square Room
11:00 am

Five Fast Actions to Fast Track Your Career

Hosted by Valorie Hubbard Founder of The Actor’s Fast Track

Join Valorie Hubbard and her company, Actor’s Fast Track, for a mind-blowing seminar on how to GET ACTING WORK in this changing landscape! Valorie’s...

12:15 pm

How to Ace Your Talent Agent Interview

Hosted by Tony Nation President/Partner of Actors Connections and Reproductions

Learn how to PERFECT your talent agency interviews by knowing in ADVANCE what might be asked of you by either a commercial or legit talent agent.

1:30 pm

Expand Your Acting Reach: Voiceover’s Modern Market

Hosted by Anne Ganguzza and Sara Waters

Explore the exciting world of voiceover, and expand your acting reach! This seminar features expert voice talent & coach Anne Ganguzza, and studio...

2:45 pm

Building A Foundation So You Can Focus On Your Career

Hosted by Thomas J Bellezza of 'BBR Productions Inc' and 'Oh DEER Productions'

As an Actor/Performer or Filmaker there are six key elements to success and longevity of your career. In this seminar Thomas J Bellezza will explore...

4:00 pm

Acting: Do I Need A Plan B?

Hosted by Valorie Hubbard Founder of The Actor’s Fast Track

Most actors have a back-up plan in case acting “doesn’t work out.” But what if you HAD TO MAKE A LIVING acting? How would this approach make a...