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New York Seminars

Studio A
11:00 am

Get Your Self-Tape Right

Hosted by Emmy Award Winning Casting Director Laray Mayfield

Self-tapes are being used more than ever at the moment and for actors to have the best shot at a role, it’s important they get their self-tape...

12:15 pm

It’s 2017! Time to use Social Media to your professional advantage!

Hosted by Casting Director Jeremy Gordon

Social Media is here to stay and it’s long past time to get on that train.  Excuses such as, “Twitter is dumb!” or, “I...

1:30 pm

Act Like An Agent, Think Like A Casting Director In Hollywood

Hosted by Casting Director Nancy Green-Keyes

Nancy Green-Keyes, known for Hollywood blockbusters such as ‘The Other Woman’, ‘My Sisters Keeper’ & ‘The...

2:45 pm

How to get an Agent in 30 days or less!

Hosted by Gwyn Gilliss

Getting representation is the most important step for actors at any stage of their career. Without one how do you get the auditions that will land you a...

4:00 pm

Empowerment in the age of Weinstein. Toback Accusers Fight Back

Hosted by Women In Media

As conversations about sexual assault and harassment in Hollywood grow louder by the minute we wanted to provide a safe environment at Actors Pro Expo to...

Studio B
11:30 am

Actor’s Fast Track(TM) FIVE FAST ACTIONS To Fast Track Your Career

Hosted by The Actor’s Fast Track

Join Valorie Hubbard and her company, Actor’s Fast Track™, for a mind-blowing workshop on how to GET ACTING WORK in this changing Industry landscape!...

12:45 pm

How to ace your talent agent interview!

Hosted by Tony Nation of Reproductions

Learn how to PERFECT your talent agency interviews by knowing in ADVANCE what might be asked of you by either a commercial or legit talent agent.

2:00 pm

Voice-Overs…Now is Your Time!

Hosted by Wendy Shapero of Such A Voice

In what could be the one of most enlightening hours you’ve ever spent, this class will show you how YOU could actually begin using your speaking voice...

3:15 pm

Acting with Impact

Hosted by Kimberly Jentzen of Acting with Impact

Kimberly Jentzen is a dynamic acting coach and teacher with a fresh approach to film/TV acting and auditioning. She will be introducing tools from her...

4:30 pm

Actor’s Fast Track(TM) FIVE FAST ACTIONS To Fast Track Your Career

Hosted by The Actor’s Fast Track

Join Valorie Hubbard and her company, Actor’s Fast Track™, for a mind-blowing workshop on how to GET ACTING WORK in this changing Industry landscape!...

Studio D
11:00 am

Auditioning For Feature Films

Hosted by Judith Bouley Casting

Judith will be delivering an interactive session with audience participation covering a variety of topics including head shots, resumes, audition room...

12:30 pm

Why Some Actors Succeed

Hosted by Jane Jenkins

Jane Jenkins talks about the actors she’s worked with and what makes them successful, including Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law, Julia Roberts...

2:00 pm

Screen Acting: From Audition to Performance

Hosted by Zora DeHorter

As a seasoned acting coach Zora can give actors pointers about acting for screen,  preparation for auditions, and giving a performance that will book...

3:30 pm

Boom The Room with Caroline Liem

Hosted by Casting Director Caroline Liem

Five ways to BOOM THE ROOM: tools, technique and practice actors can use NOW to book the room.

Studio E
11:30 am

A New Way In… An approach to Acting through the Chakra Energy Centers

Hosted by About the Work

Using the chakras (or the body’s natural energy centers) to tap into what is already inherent in our body as human beings, is a way to...

1:00 pm

What I Wish All Actors Understood! Top Tips From Casting Director Michelle Lewitt, CSA

Hosted by Michelle Lewitt CSA

Michelle Lewitt, known for Transformers, The Da Vinci Code & Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief discusses how she got...

2:30 pm

The Taste of Second City

Hosted by The Second City

If you’re wondering what improv is or what it would be like, this one hour workshop will give you an intro and little taste of what improv is all...

4:00 pm

What Directors Are Looking For

Hosted by Directors, Laura James, Sonia Bhalla, Shannon Flynn & Jessica Lowrey

This will be a panel discussion with television and film directors on what they’re looking for in the audition to working with you on set.

Doheny Room
11:00 am

The Power of INC

Hosted by Robert Hall & Associates

Do you struggle with managing your taxes or finances? Have you ever wondered about being incorporated and how that could work to benefit you as a working...

12:15 pm

Packaging Yourself As A Movie And The Importance Of Innovation

Hosted by Director Sheridan DeMyers

Director Sheridan DeMyers will be discussing the changing market in modern casting and how social media and behavioral patterns of audience has...

1:30 pm

Business of Acting-Taking Charge of Your Career

Hosted by Amir Korangy

The aim of this intensive session is to guide the actors in developing an effective strategy and action plan to take charge of the business side of their...

2:45 pm

Casting For Hollywood Movies

Hosted by Jane Jenkins

Casting a movie is like editing a book: the work shows mainly when something goes wrong! What is is so specialized about casting for movies?

4:00 pm

Shift Your Focus To Create Your Goals

Hosted by Jimmy Akingbola

After a successful career on stage & screen and winning awards in the UK, Jimmy felt like there was a glass celling stopping him from having the...