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New York Workshops

Herald Square
10:30 am

Book A TV Season in 2017

Hosted by Casting Director Kimberly Graham

When you tell people you’re an actor, the most common question you get back is “So what have you been in on TV?” a question that always fills any...

11:45 am

Get Cast On Television

Hosted by Casting Director Ross Meyerson

In this workshop, Ross will begin by offering a background of his career to date, with a focus on his work casting for several high-profile television...

1:00 pm

Auditions & Dating: A Single Casting Director’s Guide to Auditioning for Broadway

Hosted by Casting Director Jason Styres CSA

You have heard it many times: in order to book a Broadway show, you have to have the talent, the drive, the dedication and the training. Otherwise, you...

2:15 pm

Self Taping – The Key To Success

Hosted by Casting Directors Rita Powers & Cindi Rush

Self taping is an increasingly used method of casting for film, television and even theatre. Instead of going along to a conventional audition or screen...

3:30 pm

Inside The Mind Of A Casting Director

Hosted by Casting Director Donna McKenna

Everything you want to know about the casting process but always thought you couldn’t ask.

4:45 pm

The Business of the Business: Being a Theatre/Musical Theatre Actor in New York

Hosted by Michael Cassara, CSA

Michael will discuss all the varies areas of marketing yourself as an actor, including: