Actors Pro Expo Virtual Showcase Course

Actors Pro Expo launched our brand-new VIRTUAL SHOWCASE COURSE this year, and we caught up with Lizzy Akinbami from our first cohort of actors to take the plunge with our new initiative to support actors searching for representation. 

Why did you decide to sign up to the first ever Virtual Showcase Course with Actors Pro Expo?

 The concept of a virtual showcase appealed to me immensely. Being based in Ireland, I saw it as a unique opportunity to extend my reach to a broader array of agents. Considering my current search for an international/UK agent, the virtual format seemed ideal. The one-to-one interactions with agents, seminars, and the support from Actors Pro further influenced my decision.

 How did you find the virtual seminars available?

 They were incredibly insightful, providing a wealth of knowledge. Hearing from industry professionals about their expectations and gaining insights into navigating one’s acting career, including securing an agent, reaching out to casting directors, and managing social media, was immensely beneficial.

Tell us what your monologue was, and why you chose that?

 I selected a monologue from Sam Shepherd’s work, as I am a great admirer of his writing. There was a specific allure to the monologue from “Fool for Love” that resonated with me. The emotional journey it encapsulated, with its mixed emotions, compelled me to choose it as it offered the kind of character exploration I sought.

 Since the showcase, how has the feedback from agents been?

 The feedback from agents has been overwhelmingly positive. I am genuinely pleased with the number of agents who have reached out, leading to numerous meetings. This experience has significantly boosted my confidence as an actor and performer. I am eagerly looking forward to the opportunities and experiences that this year will unfold, excited about the prospect of signing with a new agent, and embarking on a beautiful journey throughout the year.

A huge congratulations to Lizzy, and all the showcase actors from our January 2024 Virtual Showcase. Watch the full showcase here:

 Our Virtual Showcase Course doors open on Sunday 10th March at 11am during our Get Agent Ready 5 Day Free Course. Register your interest here: