Advice for Actors from Casting Director Jane Anderson CDG

Advice for Actors from Casting Director Jane Anderson CDG

My advice to actors is to always research, as best you can, how each Casting Director likes to be contacted. We all have our own way of working. I personally only wish to be contacted via email. It means I can read your email when I’m not busy (and I do read them all) and if necessary, I can file your email for later reference for when I’m looking at reels or searching for a particular character. First and foremost, make sure you know who you are emailing. One of the most common mistakes is an actor emailing for representation. Casting Directors do not represent actors. If you’re looking for representation, then you need to contact a Talent Agent. We also do not cast extras.

As I have to get through a multitude of emails each day, I have a few simple requests for actors’ emails to me:

Only ever send one small jpg of your headshot. I can pretty much get an idea of you from one image. If you have other images you want me to view, then refer me to Spotlight / your online CV. Make sure your headshot is a true representation of you. I’m not looking for over stylised images but the person who I will see when they walk in the room.

Make sure the email is being sent to the address advertised, as this will be where Casting Directors will want to receive it. Make the message simple and concise. To elaborate; as I do have a lot of emails to read, I respond better when emails are short and to the point. It’s also worth noting, I don’t need to be buttered up or have my ego massaged to read your message. I know actors email Casting Directors, so you don’t need to justify why you’re sending me the email. And please, please don’t apologise for emailing me. I expect them. I don’t particularly need to know your life story or why you want to act, I just need your photo, a list of work you’ve done, and a link to a clip or reel of any screen work. There is no need to check if an email has been received. If it hasn’t bounced back, then I have it.

If you have any clips or reel of any work you’ve done for screen, make sure they are sent as a link and not an attachment. My main source is Spotlight so if you are a member, please ensure you have any examples of your work on your CV and if you do have a reel (or are thinking about having one done) please don’t include a montage. As I often say, I don’t care what you look like to music. I want to see you act. A little title of what production the clip is from is also handy (but not essential).

Social Media
I have a Twitter and Facebook page. I don’t like reels or invites being sent to either. If you do it will be amongst the multitude of notifications, then forgotten about. I’m also not able to file it away for future reference.

NB I also have a separate personal Facebook account which is not for work purposes, so if we haven’t become friends through work, then I won’t accept your friend request.

Don’t email too often. My job is to remember names and faces. If you email too often it’s not seen as persistence, it becomes an annoyance. As previously mentioned, I do file emails of interest, so if I think you’re right for something I will bring you in when the right character comes up. Also if I’ve auditioned you, you will be on one of my many lists, and I will remember you for things you may be right for, so there is no need to remind me of who you are.

Of course send me invitations to any show you may be in but as I go to the theatre regularly I may not be able to attend (or I may already be coming). If I, or someone from my office, wants to attend, we will respond, so there is no need to send reminder emails. Of course, if you’re in something on TV or the cinema, send me an email letting me know, as I try to watch most things. And generally, due to the sheer volume received, I don’t reply to many emails. So don’t be disheartened if you don’t hear from me; I may well be bringing you in for an audition one day. Further information on my job and advice on how best to contact a Casting Director, can be found by listening to the podcast I recorded for Spotlight and/or by watching the video of my interview for Inside the Filmmaker’s Studio at ManIFF 2015

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