As an actor you have 6/9 skills needed to be a voiceover

There is plenty of voiceover work available to actors. And with 6 out of the 9 skills needed to make it as a voiceover, actors are well placed to add voice acting as another income stream.

Let’s take a look at some of these skills and the types of work available, then explain how you can begin your journey into the amazing world of voiceover.

What are the 3 skills I need to learn?

  1. Microphone Technique: Dramatic training gives you limited on-mic’ training. To become a Voiceover requires a higher- level set of on-mic’ skills than dramatic training provides
  2. The Technical Aspects of Dialogue Delivery: Framing, Hydration, I.P.D., Sentence Commitment and Projection. In truth there are 9 Keys to Voiceover which we cover in our Peace Pipe PDF.
  3. Subject Specific Training. Each distinct area of voiceover has specific techniques. Some such as gaming are more than 50% unique to gaming. These Techniques must be mastered before employment in these genres.

As you can see that’s not a daunting list of things for you to learn and transfer your acting skills into the world of voiceover. In our free webinar we tell you all about the 6 skills you already possess and more importantly how to use them. More on that later.

The types of work available for people with acting skills.

Narrative Voiceover: Film, TV, Radio, other commercial/corporate applications. Typically, £150-£250 per hour Plus royalties/buyout

Commercial Voiceover: Advertising on Film, TV, Radio, Web +. Typically, £150-£250 per hour Plus royalties/buyout

Voiceover for Animation/Characters/Kids: Typically, £150-£250 per hour, Plus royalties/buyout. If you land a unicorn gig, this can be an amazing avenue.

Audiobooks: Typically, £600-£1500 per book. Lots of steady work in this field.

Voiceover for Gaming: Typically, £150-£250 per hour. You can work with a huge range of characters really showing your acting prowess. With audiences in the millions globally we really love this one for actors.

Voiceover for Corporate: Typically, £150-£250 per hour. Put on your best business-like voice for the many services the corporate world use voiceovers for.

There are a lot of opportunities for you to get your teeth into. With the right training and support there really is a whole new world open to you.

If you would like to learn more about turning your acting skills to voiceover, then look no further than a free webinar with the CEO of Gravy For The Brain who is an award winning voice director.

The class is free to take and will give you all you need to see if this is an avenue you would like to pursue.

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