Audition at Surviving Actors London

With Surviving Actors London coming up in less than a month the team at StarNow took the opportunity to chat to the producer of the exclusive StarNow Open Casting film A Fistful of Bullets, Paul J Lane.

StarNow: Thanks for chatting to us today Paul. Can you tell us about your film A Fistful of Bullets, in 140 characters or less?

Paul: The film follows the story of the Guilty gang’s plight from surviving a bank robbery that doesn’t go according to plan. Now on the run, they seek safe haven in the abandoned town of Bodie. With one of the gang seriously hurt, they wait patiently for him to die. From here the story starts to unfold with inspirational characters including State Marshalls, Bounty Hunters, The All Girl Gang “The Innocents” and even the Supernatural.

StarNow: Sounds like an amazing film. Where did you draw inspiration from for A Fistful Of Bullets?

Paul: We drew inspiration from Clint Eastwood & Spaghetti Westerns and growing up as a child with influential figures such as Eli Wallach, Yul Brynner & James Coburn. I’ve always wanted to make a western with an original spin which we believe we have found with A Fistful of Bullets.

StarNow: You’re producing a very impressive number of films. What’s the most important lesson you’ve learnt from all your previous film experience?

Paul: To have everything in place before you even pick the camera up with reference to great casting, props, venues and crew. But above most of all, making sure the script lifts off the page.

StarNow: What part of the production process excites you the most?

Paul: Placing the film together in edit with sound effects, colour grading, image and styling and music is the part of the production process that I enjoy the most.

StarNow: Let’s focus more on the Open Casting being held at Surviving Actors London. What type of actors are you looking for at the StarNow Open Casting at Surviving Actors?

Paul: We are looking for gritty & heartfelt actors that have a good understanding and skills set within the acting world and primarily love Westerns.

StarNow: What can an actor expect to happen in the Open Casting?

Paul: They can expect a warm welcome with good support from the team. We are all actors so we can relate to how the auditionees are feeling. We also provide good readers and will direct and give feedback appropriately.

StarNow: How will you and the team help your actors get into character?

Paul: As director I talk a lot about energy transference to the situation and the opposite characters. If something isn’t quite right I am happy to help with the actor’s character objective. It’s all about the eyes for me and the way the body moves, if this looks relevant to the scene then all I really need to push is the emotions involved.

StarNow: What makes an actor stand out to you?

Paul: An actor, who can transform into the character, is fully prepared with great screen presence and the relevant skill set.

StarNow: What tips would you give to actors who are auditioning at the Open Casting?

Paul: Initially be yourself when we meet and then we love to see the transformation when getting into to character.

StarNow: What common mistakes do you see actors making in auditions?

Paul: Sometimes I find that the auditionees struggle moving from their own personality to the characters personality. Having said that, if the persons psyche is the same as the character then that’s absolutely fine, i.e. playing it as yourself.

StarNow: And lastly, why do you like to use StarNow to cast roles in your films?

Paul: All the actors are passionate and focused.

StarNow: Thanks for chatting to us Paul.

If you’d like the opportunity to audition for Paul and the Fistful of Bullets team at Surviving Actors London click here. On applying you will be sent the full address and start time details of the open casting call.