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Self-Taping Tips for Young Performers

For parents/guardians of Young Performers and all our members who are feeling a bit new to the art of self-taping, this article is for you! Written by our very own Nicholas Peel, who has mountains of... more

30 seconds with Casting Director Jo Hawes

Recipient of the Special Recognition Olivier Award 2020, Jo is the leading children’s casting director and administrator in the UK, who has worked on many large-scale West End and touring shows including... more

Come join us at Young Talent Expo 2022!

Come join us at Young Talent Expo 2022! Want to learn first-hand from some of the industry’s most prestigious actors, creatives, agents and casting directors? Then take a look at our amazing seminars... more


By Kimberly Jentzen Uncertainty is something we all live with, especially actors, like when you aren’t sure how well you performed or wonder if you will “make it” as an actor. There is a crazy,... more

Self-Tape Strategy for Levelling up Your Career

“When a director holds an audition, they are asking a question—can anyone fulfil what I need?” What is self-tape strategy? Is there such a thing? Can you actually have a strategy for your self... more

Finding your acting class – An Actor’s Checklist

Training is essential for an actor. As quoted by Val Kilmer on Breaking into Acting, “Never, ever, ever, ever, take a day off... Become a world class athlete.” I often get asked about what... more

Take Control of Your Career; The Actor’s Mindset

I’m sure most of us can agree that when we decided to take our first steps on the acting path, it was hard to imagine the whirlwind that would come our way. Who knew that the hardest thing to achieve as... more

How to get the best headshots and choose the best photographer – for you

There seems to be a current surge of less than stellar headshots making their presence in the industry, with the expected winces, groans and eye-rolls. Don’t let this happen to you! What’s the first... more

How To Evaluate the Effectiveness of Online Acting Classes

Now more than ever we’re turning to online acting classes. This might have you wondering how you can evaluate if your online acting class, or other online class like voice or dance, is effective. The... more

What is the Most Important Aspect of an Audition?

By Loren E. Chadima Creator/Teacher Intentional Acting Vlog version: Keeping the Casting Director’s attention! It’s a delicate thing.  It only takes a shift of... more

10 Tips for Managing Stress and Anxiety

Spotlight's Mental Health and Wellbeing Manager, Bea Grist, shares tips for actors managing stress and anxiety.  Things like work, COVID, family situations etc. can all contribute to feelings of stress... more

Questions, questions, questions!

Actors Pro Expo Global – 2022 We are a small team, so we’ve put together a list of FAQs, which will hopefully help you! Simply scroll through, and hopefully the answer to your question is here! Full... more

Mastering Self-Tapes and Virtual Auditions and Finding Your Next Role

We at The Mandy Network continue to work tirelessly to ensure our talented community is motivated and supported during this current climate. Employers post thousands of jobs each week on Mandy for our... more

Trinity Fox for safe firearm handling at Actors Pro Expo 2022

TrinityFox is excited to be exhibiting at the Actors Pro Expo 2022!! Please come and see us we’ll have cookies!! TrinityFox is a company formed of ex UK Metropolitan Police, Special Forces and... more

As an actor you have 6/9 skills needed to be a voiceover

There is plenty of voiceover work available to actors. And with 6 out of the 9 skills needed to make it as a voiceover, actors are well placed to add voice acting as another income stream. Let’s take... more