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Catching Up With Our January Virtual Showcase Actor, Janet Cost-Chretien!

Janet, it’s been 6 months since your Virtual Showcase – tell us what you’ve been up to? Well, I was very lucky to receive representation offers soon after it's release, and after a lovely zoom chat... more

Actors Coaching International

We don’t tell you how to act. You already know how to act. This isn’t a regular acting class. We don’t tell you how to act. You already know how to act. You already know how to get what you want... more

Actors Pro Expo Virtual Showcase Course

Actors Pro Expo launched our brand-new VIRTUAL SHOWCASE COURSE this year, and we caught up with Lizzy Akinbami from our first cohort of actors to take the plunge with our new initiative to support actors... more

How do students support themselves financially when training? PPA tells us how!

How do students stay afloat when training at PPA? When training full- time, finding time for a job can sometimes be tricky. At PPA, our students have up to 35 contact hours per week, so we spoke to some of... more

WeAudition: Actors Pro Expo Sunday Virtual Seminars

If you’re still hungry for more after our in person event on Saturday 24th February then we have a treat for you. WeAudition: Actors Pro Expo’s Virtual Seminars are happening on Sunday 25th February all... more

WeAudition: Actors Pro Expo – Industry Showcase

One of the new additions to this year’s expo is our 3rd year graduate showcase. We have handpicked our favourite performances from 7 different drama schools and offered up our stage for them to showcase... more

Take charge of your career

An extract from Wendy S. Kurtzman's new book Acting Is Your Business After training and studying for years, you’ve earned a degree: now what? How to get a job and have a career as an actor is the... more

WeAudition: Actors Pro Expo 2024 Networking Sessions

This year we are adding dedicated networking sessions to our event. These sessions will be free and available to all ticket holders and it’s a fantastic way to make the most out of the day and come away with... more

Elevate Your Networking Strategy with The Actors Home’s Golden Rules

Are you looking to improve your industry networking strategy? Are you good at connecting with casting directors, directors, and fellow actors? Check out The Actors Home's Golden Rules and elevate your career... more

Navigating the Business of Acting: A Guide by Michelle Danner

While your passion for acting is the heart of your career, understanding the business aspects is what keeps that heart beating. Here, I'll share insights and strategies to help you navigate the complex but... more

Acting Classes In London – The Actors Class

The Actors Class gives Actors the chance of a regular Acting Class in London. Led by Industry Professionals with a wide breadth of experience in Theatre, Tv, Film and Casting. These classes will keep you... more

Acting Insights with Michelle Danner: Unlocking Your Full Potential

I'm Michelle Danner, an acting coach with a passion for nurturing talent and helping actors discover their true potential. Through my years of experience, I've had the privilege of guiding many actors, from... more

Acting Gold Rush: Why Atlanta is the New Frontier for Actors!

If you're an actor wanting to know a secret place to be successful in the industry, this blog is for you. Plus stick around for your free gift at the end. Instead of thinking of WHAT you need to do it might be... more

Monologue Stage Competition Winners!

Actors took to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & TikTok during December & January to fill it with performances of their favourite monologues. Talented performers from all over the world entered for the... more

Five amazing benefits of meditation for actors

By Spiritual Psychology of Acting creator / director of Awakened State Productions, John Osborne Hughes Over a 30 year international career as a director and acting coach, I’ve experimented with lots of... more

Looking to earn money alongside your acting gigs? Come find a job at Stellar!

Stellar is an experiential retail agency, redefining how brands connect with their customers – creating genuine, human experiences no matter where they are. They are driving the future of retail for... more

How to Get More Auditions

Feeling stuck in the one-way street of auditioning? You're not alone. The familiar click-and-submit routine often leaves talented actors wondering if there's more to landing roles. Good news: There's a world... more

Meals For Monologues Participant Lands Representation

Meals For Monologues hosted by Casting Society of America is a fantastic opportunity for actors to showcase themselves in front of Agents and Casting Directors whilst giving back to the community. Patrick... more

Secret Actor Society

The Secret Actor Society is excited to share a FREE PRE-EXPO CLASS with you!  Click here to download "10 Steps To Becoming An Actor" now and ensure you have the fundamental industry knowledge you need before... more

Screen Acting in the Digital Age: Changes Actors Need to Know

In the dynamic realm of screen acting, the landscape of storytelling techniques has evolved dramatically. From traditional filming methods to the forefront of technology-driven advancements, the craft of... more

Stand Out in Casting with New Actor Headshots

As an actor, having headshots that accurately capture your look and brand is crucial for getting noticed by casting directors. With pilot season and summer productions ramping up, now is the ideal time to... more

Just Add Milk (JAM)’s Acting Tips for Beginners: A Guide to Starting Your Creative Journey

Every actor, regardless of their current status, shares a common origin as a beginner. If you're eager to start your actor journey, here are some valuable tips to kickstart your career. 1. Ditch the... more

Meals For Monologues at WeAudition: Actors Pro Expo 2024!

The highly anticipated WeAudition: Actors Pro Expo 2024 is just around the corner, and this year, one of the most beloved features is doubling in size!  Get ready for this year’s Meals For Monologues, a... more

Accessing Your Instincts

by Kimberly Jentzen Creating an inspired performance is beckoning the parts inside you, your instincts to come and play. Part of playing is believing in the world of the script which allows the audience to... more

Empowering Actors, No Matter Your Location

Introducing… Actors Pro Sundays! £5 Virtual Seminars Every Sunday with Actors Pro Expo In 2024 In the world of acting, staying connected, informed, and empowered is essential for professional growth.... more

How to get into acting with no experience

We would be lying if we said it was easy to get into acting. Getting started in the industry can be really challenging, and your journey there may not always be smooth. However, it is important to understand... more

Tax deadlines are looming for actors

Christmas can be a busy time for actors, especially on the stage, but whether working or resting, December always has the shadow of a looming deadline hanging over it. No sooner is the New Year done, than the... more

Monologue Competition at WeAudition: Actors Pro Expo 2024!

Monologue Competition at WeAudition: Actors Pro Expo 2024! Have your headshot featured on the huge LCD screens as you perform live on stage in the middle of our exhibitor gallery at WeAudition: Actors Pro... more

A Job Opportunity for Actors – Part time hours that can give you a full time wage!

Drama school is complete and you have just left the safety net! Out into the wide world of opportunities, auditions, stages, screens…With so many options and directions on the walk of life, how do you decide... more

Here For Actors – Moving Forward Together

Are you looking to earn an extra income alongside your acting duties? If yes, then look no further. We are Forward Teaching, an Education Specialist Recruitment Consultancy who are here to help you find... more

The Five Acting Myths Holding You Back

By Charlotte Thornton: The Five Acting Myths Holding You Back A lot of opinion and beliefs get passed around the acting community as if they were facts. It can be quite overwhelming at times, confusing... more

WeAudition: Actors Pro Expo

WeAudition: Actors Pro Expo is back and better than ever. Our goal is to provide a platform for creatives to nurture and advance their career by exposing themselves to new opportunities. Our expo is... more

What can actors claim on expenses

As an actor, you can save a very considerable amount of money by writing off expenses related to your acting career. But when it comes to deducting business expenses, what exactly can you claim? We’ve... more

WeAudition: Actors Pro Expo is returning to London

24th February 2024 ETC Venues, 155 Bishopsgate, London 10am-6pm Our highly anticipated annual event returns... with a line up bigger, and better, than ever before! Casting Directors flying in from... more

Navigating Tax Matters: A Guide for Actors and Actresses in the UK

Being in the spotlight as an actor or actress comes with its own set of challenges and opportunities, including the intricate world of taxes. Understanding the tax landscape is crucial to ensure your... more

WeAudition: Actors Pro Expo Attendee Heads to Hollywood!

Harry Palmer is an Actor, Musician and Fight Performer. Plays dark, charming, manipulative and quietly dangerous characters. Trained in Screen Combat and Firearms. Harry from the U.K. just returned this... more

Actors Pro Expo North – Main Stage Schedule: Saturday 28th October

Whilst chatting to exhibitors, grabbing coffee between seminars, or simply networking with fellow creatives it’s a great place to enjoy a huge variety of entertainment. Don't miss Actress +... more

Using Language to Talk Yourself into the Role

How often do you say the word “try”? Or “might”? Or “maybe”? You may well be talking yourself out of roles, jobs and opportunities. Language is a powerful tool that shapes the way we... more

Meet one of our Casting Director Panellists!

All about Ellie... 1. What's something you think holds a lot of young actors back when it comes to performing? Not necessarily in performance, but in auditions sometimes actors don’t commit fully... more

Meet one of our Agent Panellists!

All about Tom... 1. What's something you think holds a lot of young actors back when it comes to performing? I’d say second guessing oneself often holds people back. My advice is be daring, be... more

Exciting Paid Opportunity For Talent

Are you a creative individual with a talent for making TikTok videos? If so, we have an exciting opportunity for you! Nonsensical is an award-winning UK TikTok agency that is looking for talented creators... more

Meals 4 Monologues at Actors Pro Expo North

Save the Date: Saturday 28th October Location: Manchester Calling all established performers and emerging talents!  WeAudition: Actors Pro Expo North is back! The expo is hosting a brilliant... more

To All Artists Good Work; To All Workers Good Art; To All People: Equity

Equity is the performing arts and entertainment trade union. We’re made up of 47,000 performers and creative practitioners. We are actors, singers, dancers, designers, directors, stage managers,... more

The TIRED Movement joins Young Talent Expo

The TIRED Movement was founded in 2020 as a social enterprise (not for profit) to raise awareness about the racial injustice within the industry and the importance of representation in dance education. The... more


The YAFTA Academy based in Leeds, West Yorkshire is a renowned screen acting training provider designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in the dynamic world of film and... more

Where is your voice? An extract from Patsy Rodenburg’s new book The Woman’s Voice

The Woman’s Voice is leading voice coach Patsy Rodenburg's new book — a call to arms for women everywhere to reclaim their voices. With warmth and humour, Rodenburg interrogates Shakespeare's texts and... more

Flexible work for Actors – Join Love Teachers

Love Teachers offers actors a personalised recruitment service. We provide actors with flexible, part time and full-time work in schools, that fits in around auditions and projects. We offer work in... more

Spotlight’s New Criteria

Over the past year, Spotlight has launched a new criteria to ensure that the performing arts industry continues to evolve. We’ve broadened our criteria to help more emerging performers join Spotlight, so... more

Starting a Revolution

When I look around at the actors I have met over the years there are a few common themes: a lack of trust, self respect and clear boundaries, an internal instability and with that can come chaos. This... more

The Stage Schedule WeAudition: Actors Pro Expo Global 2023

Brand new for 2023 we are running our first Stage jam packed with performances, interviews and photo opportunities throughout the day! Whilst chatting to exhibitors, grabbing coffee between seminars,... more