Benjamin Louis – Director / Executive Producer – Streetwalkers

Give us an overview on what ‘Streetwalkers’ is about?

Three students filming a horror movie stumble upon something much worse, and their only hope for survival are the two detectives who find the camera that was left behind. More info can be view at

What is your inspiration behind this film?

I have a strong passion for mystery thrillers, I was instantly sold when writer Jonah Kuehner sent the script to me.

What would you say has been the highlight of your career so far?

Winning best director at the Santa Barbara Channel Island Film Festival for State’s Evidence, a film about teen suicide and high school shootings.

What is your advice to actors attending your open casting call?

Be original and own the moment. Jonah Kuehner wrote the screenplay and I am the director/producer, however, when you are reading, the material is yours and I’m just a spectator.

Where can we keep up to date with what Kyskeya Films are doing?

You can visit our websites and and check us out on Instagram: @streetwalkersmovie and @kyskeyafilms on Facebook you’ll find us at