Best Practices for a Virtual Event

When attending a virtual event it’s easy to find yourself distracted or lose focus from what’s happening in the virtual room you’ve joined. Although live and virtual events differ etiquette should remain the same. We’ve created some tips to ensure you allow yourself to be fully immersed and get the best out of the event.

1. Preparation is key

Review the Agenda and prepare for the session you are joining. Take a look at the subject matter being covered think of some questions you may wish to ask. Check out the guest speaker bio, who are they? What’s their experience? This is especially important if you are looking for relevant industry contacts to connect with after the event.

2. Dress for the occasion

If you are going to be on-camera for an interactive session dress appropriately. Something you feel comfortable and confident in. What would you wear to an event in-person? Maybe something that shows your personality/character, colours you know compliment you.

3. Don’t distract everyone else

Stay on mute with your camera off unless otherwise directed.

4. Don’t distract yourself

Turn notifications to silent on your phone, laptop, ipad and from your partner/family/flatmate, let them know your are going to be attending an event.

5. Stay seated and stay present

Once you’ve joined a session don’t leave. The speaker sees this and it can be very distracting and disheartening. Really it’s just rude. Would you really stand up and leave a room in-person? If there isn’t a real reason to do so (like an emergency) then don’t. Commit to it and stay until the end. If there was something you didn’t like then feed that back to the event organisers.

6. Get comfortable

Create a space where you feel productive and relaxed. A spot where you get natural day light and can sit up straight. This will help you to stay focused.

7. Have what you need

Have to hand what you may need – notebook, pen, water, cushion, clothes to layer up or a thin blanket/warm socks (sometimes being static you’ll get a little cold). Always best to be prepared so you don’t miss any key info or discussions.

8. No Food

Snacks are great for in-between sessions to keep up the energy but don’t choose to sit down and have your meal time during a session.

9. Use your voice

Use the Session Q&A feature on Whova to ask questions and the comments sections to have organic discussions with other attendees about the subject matter. We want to see engagement. So please do get involved and enjoy!