8 pro tips take the hassle out of your hustle in 2022

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Advice for Actors Living in a Post-Covid World

Valorie Hubbard This has been an exciting year for me. Ten years into my business, I’ve built a new studio and revamped my programs. My clients are booking big projects, like the new James Bond movie,... more

How an Acting Conservatory Can Help You Achieve Emotional Resilience

In any training, or in any career, most of us go through the “is this right for me?” phase. We think things like, “This is harder than I thought it would be!” “This is way more personal and more... more

You’re an Actor – Where’s Your Website?

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How to Up Your Chances of Getting Cast on StarNow

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Grab those oars and steer into 2022

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How the heck do you get cast in a lockdown?

There’s no doubt about it, it’s the most challenging time most of us can remember in the acting industry. Thanks to Covid-19, getting cast is now less likely to be about catching a train to an in-person... more

How to Stand Out in an Audition: Make Great Choices that Get You Noticed!

Show business is tough. There are thousands of actors vying for every role. Literally - thousands!  Stewart Stone Casting said that there are over 2000 actors being submitted for each role! And that was... more

Best Practices for a Virtual Event

When attending a virtual event it’s easy to find yourself distracted or lose focus from what’s happening in the virtual room you’ve joined. Although live and virtual events differ etiquette should remain... more

Peak Practice

Here’s one for you. Take a moment to think about how you feel after an embarrassingly bad audition/rehearsal/take. I’m sure it won’t be long before your imaginings set off a series of physical... more

Quarantine: An Actor’s Guide

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How To Evaluate the Effectiveness of Online Acting Classes

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Showing Up Is Half The Battle

In this interview Actress Michelle Lukiman shares her experience on attending Actors Pro Expo and how making connections at the event served her well and even helped book her a role! 1. Michelle tell... more

Independent Drama

Independent Drama caters for all levels of ability from complete beginner to experienced fight performer. Courses are run by certified stage combat teachers who are working industry professionals and many lead... more

LinkedIn for your ACTING Career

THE CEO ACTOR As an Actor you are an entrepreneur a business owner, the CEO of your own company. LinkedIn is a business platform, not a social media platform so it only makes sense that actors learn how... more