How you can prepare for 2018 as an actor

When I was an agent, I rarely stopped for breath. Lunch was a hurried affair at my desk and often the calls and emails of ‘immediate attention’ continued way beyond office hours.

When you are under pressure as an agent, you want to be able to deliver to the client (you represent or company you are working with) in the most efficient and effective way.

Due to the timing, you can be away from your desk – which can prove difficult if the systems are not in place. Fortunately they were, which would pay off tremendously.

Although I am a creative, I love systems and they are essential for my life. As you know, my working day can alter hugely, so it is essential I can work remotely, across all devices.

We are all working across time zones, under strict deadlines and in various locations.

I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to be organized as an actor.

This five step plan I am going to share with you is really easy to implement, even if you wouldn’t consider yourself as an organised person.

Remember, with all of my 5 step plans… take action. Don’t just read and say ‘I really must do that’. Schedule it in your diary and make it happen.


Step One: Choose a programme

My favourites are Google drive and Drop box.

This takes away an enormous amount of stress because I can always access what I need, when I need it. Plus these two programmes are shareable so you can share your material by simply typing in an email.


Step Two: Scan and upload

– Passport

– Drivers licence

– Insurance

– Measurements

– Contact details

– Doctors details

– Your headshots (including your back catalogue)

– Video clips/showreel

– Documents of achievements- certificates or any evidence to proof you can do what you say you can do.

-Your CV

-Pictures- family/with partner/with friends/action shots- perhaps that capture your specialist skills.


Step Three: Expect the unexpected

Don’t wait until you need the documents, preempt the situation. Take a couple of hours now to get everything in place. You will remove the stress at the last minute and be ahead of your competition.


Step Four: Check it works across all devices.

Make sure you have downloaded the app on all devices so you are never caught out.


Step Five: Link and share with your agent

Don’t forget to let your agent know about your high flying organisational skills. This way they can quickly access the material and advise you on what is missing and what may be useful. Plus, the agent will be super impressed and be more likely to suggest and push you for last minute jobs because you are ready to go!

So what do you need to? Where are your gaps? Take action and get cracking…

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