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Acting in Isolation: A Quick Start Guide To Setting up Your Home Studio

Nobody quite knows what's going on at the moment, including those who really should, some things have emerged as definites: in the new normal, we all need to work out how to act - and more importantly earn... more

I am a self-employed actor that has lost all income due to Covid-19 – what should I do?

Actors, performers and directors are some of the biggest hit professions by Covid-19. Popular productions, such as the BBC’s Eastenders and Holby city, have either been paused or scaled down. The filming... more

7 Steps to Cope During a Crisis like…a Pandemic

By Gwyn Gilliss 1 - ACTIVATE Don't be frightened or sit around in anger, fear, doubt. That's just shooting yourself in the foot. By moving your physical body you change your emotional state. Get outside,... more

FLOW…the Secret to WINNING !

By Gwyn Gilliss Ever watch teenagers skateboard or snowboard? Or children in a sandbox pretending to be princesses and dragons…or anything from a fairytale. They’re having FUN and they’re playing!... more

How to Master your Monologue

The Mandy Network has just launched its Monologue Competition! This is a great chance to showcase your acting talents to a panel of influential judges and be in the chance to win career-boosting prizes... more


One of the weekly ACTORVIST videos from the Independent centre for Actor Training. Thoughts and insights on the job from those who do this for a... more

Stage Combat – What is it, why do I need it and how much do I really need to do?

By Ronin Traynor – Director of Independent Drama and BASSC Master Teacher What is stage combat? Think of stage combat as a broader term for staged combat. It has applications across theatre, film... more

Tips for Recording Your First Voicereel

As an actor, one must have a toolkit. Just as a builder has hammers, spanners and nails, an actor has a show reel, head shots and a voice reel. We’ve put together a great guide in the Surviving Actors Manual... more

Banishing Spring Blues

Spring Lamb

Are you suffering from spring blues? Perhaps you have been knocked back from a few auditions, or maybe you have been feeling a bit under the weather as of late? No matter what applies, we have some top tips to... more

What are the best ‘other’ jobs for actors?

Question: What are the best ‘other’ jobs for actors? "Know what it is you're going to do between acting jobs when you're 50." #ActorSunscreen As part of my ‘other’ job (running the Honest Actors’... more