Different Duck Films attending WeAudition: Actors Pro Expo

We’re excited to have Rob Margolies from Different Duck Films attending WeAudition: Actors Pro Expo on September 8th to cast THREE of his films! Here is an insight in to what he is going to be looking for…


Rob – you’ve got THREE films you are actively casting for at the moment right? Tell us what those are!

“Love and Communication,” is based on the award-winning play, “Love and Communication” is a taut drama about a couple torn apart by their son’s autism diagnosis and the surprising lengths they go to help him.

“Heaven’s Mileage,” – an irresponsible guy is forced to confront the way he lives his life when he inherits a failing T-shirt business in Venice Beach, CA. With the help of a beautiful yet quirky heaven-sent angel, he attempts to turn things around and learns a few lessons along the way.

“Layla” is a parable about a mother who comes to realize that her boyfriend may be having an affair with her underage daughter.


Actors will have a short time in the room with you, and asked to prepare a monologue – how can they make the most of their time?

Actors can make the most of their time by truly picking a scene/monologue that showcases what they can do best. Whether it be comedy or drama, I want to see what they can do better than other actors.


What type of scripts are you hoping to hear?

Great concepts! Scripts that demand attention. Original content preferred, but not expected.


What are the benefits to Different Duck Films of doing such an open day, and not pre-selecting people they allow in the audition room?

Here I get to individually meet people who are choosing their own work to read for me. They have the option to really show me what they believe they can do.


If you’re interested in auditioning for Different Duck Films at WeAudition: Actors Pro Expo then click here to read all the breakdowns!

Note: Audition slots will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis on the day of the event, and actors are encouraged to arrive early.