Edinburgh Fringe Survival Tips

It’s the biggest, baddest, wonderfullest, weirdest, wackiest fest of them all- it’s Edfringe! The festival opens next week with another programme stuffed to the gills with theatre, comedy, cabaret, dance and music. It’s amazing, but there’s no denying it can be a bit overwhelming! Here’s the Surviving Actors guide to Surviving the Edinburgh Fringe!Edinburgh Fringe 2

  • Take Comfortable Shoes.
    You’ll be doing a lot of walking between venues and shows and no-one looks cool flying arse over tit over a slippery cobble. Ditch the heels and invest in some trusty waterproof shoes.
  • Plan, but also Punt.
    Have a schedule of shows you really want to see, but don’t be afraid to be flexible- you might hear of a really hot ticket once the festival gets going, or you might just fancy taking a chance on something- you never know you might discover a hidden gem!Edinburgh Fringe 5
  • Book online
    If you book your tickets for the shows you want to see online, you can skip past the HUGE QUEUE at the Edfringe Box Office on the Royal Mile and go straight to the ticket collection machines which print off your tickets for you (there is a booking fee but it’s worth it for the ticket collecting speed in my opinion!). If you want to avoid the Royal Mile altogether (and I mean, do, it gets CRAZY) there are also ticket collection points in some of the bigger venues like Pleasance Courtyard.
  • Bring waterproofs.
    It’s Scotland. It rains. Be prepared.
  • Wear Layers.
    Yes it does rain, but the venues have a tendancy to get SUPER ROASTING HOT as they all have stage lights blasting out all day, so wear things you can peel off and pile on!
  • Talk To People
    The Fringe is nothing like London, where if a stranger says “Good Morning” to you you assume they’re about to mug you. At the Fringe, people want to talk about what they’ve seen and are going to see. Word of mouth really is the best way to hear about the best of the fest and the things to avoid!Edinburgh Fringe 4
  • Free Fringe Doesn’t Mean Rubbish Fringe
    Lots of artists (especially comedians) will choose to do their shows as a part of the Free Fringe, and just pass round a bucket for donations at the end. Rather than assuming that because a show is free it must be terrible, remember that this is actually for lots of artists the most effective way to make a profit!
  • Eat!
    It’s really easy to drink away the days Edinburgh Fringe 1at Edfringe, there are bars everywhere and most places stay open and serving until the early wee hours
    of the morn. Make sure if you’re drinking hard, you’re eating well too! The Baked Potato Shop off the Royal Mile and the Mosque Kitchen are my top recommendations for cheap, filling grub!
  • Come See My Show!

Katie Brennan Quarter Life Crisis

I wouldn’t be worth my salt if I didn’t plug my own show here, right? I’m performing my show ‘Katie Brennan’s Quarter Life Crisis’ every night (except the 15th) at The Underbelly Wee Coo at 22.50.  Tickets available here: http://www.underbellyedinburgh.co.uk/whats-on/katie-brennans-quarter-life-crisis

Article by Katie Brennan