Finding your acting class – An Actor’s Checklist

Training is essential for an actor.

As quoted by Val Kilmer on Breaking into Acting, “Never, ever, ever, ever, take a day off… Become a world class athlete.”

I often get asked about what classes to take, and what are good choices for the time and money.  Below, I’ve compiled a checklist of things to consider.

Here are some of my thoughts on acting classes – At The Actors Workout, I offer a free working audit. I do that because I want to see where an actor is at in their work so I can be specific to what they need.  Be careful of generic “Scene Study” or “Audition Classes”.  There comes a time where you need individual coaching to your specific issues. Finding your strong points and weaknesses can be very good in pushing yourself to the next level.

I keep classes small. Everyone works every class, as everyone has their own blocks they are working on. In that environment, actors grow more quickly.

Be careful of big classes. You need to work. You don’t learn how to drive race cars by only watching.  Yes, you need to observe, but the growth comes from “doing it”. Don’t be fooled by large classes that you only watch. You need to be in it. If you only get up once or twice a month, I think that’s a mistake.  Work every week and every day.

When listening to the critiques and coaching you should be following along. It should make sense and speak to you.  Does the teacher see you and who you are?  Remember, you are looking for an environment where you can put your trust in someone, and allow your vulnerability to come out.

Ultimately, you need to feel good about it. Not every class is right for everyone.  Don’t be intimidated if it’s not for you. Keep looking.

Below is a checklist that might help as well.