5 Tips for Attending the Virtual Expo

1. Plan Your Schedule

Take some time to deep dive into all of the sessions being offered throughout the event! We will have multiple seminars running at once, so plan out your schedule ahead of time and make sure you know what is happening and when.

You can browse all available seminars online now, and purchase individual tickets for $5 each or a 3 Day VIP Pass for $40!


2. Download the App

Before the event starts, check out the event app WHOVA! Get to know the app’s features and feel tech savvy and confident ahead of time. Click the link below to go step by step through all the information you’ll need to know.


3. Get Ready to Network

One of the things we are most excited about is the chance to network with fellow attendees! We can’t shake hands, but we can still get to know each other like never before. If you’re feeling uncertain about networking in a virtual space, we recommend taking a look at these pro tips from WHOVA.


4. Create Your Space

With a virtual event, your space is everything. Be sure to set up a quiet and comfortable spot in your home, where you can feel your most creative and most productive. We recommend a comfortable chair, good lighting, your computer, a notebook, pen and some snacks! You can access Whova on both desktop and mobile.

5. Meals 4 Monologues

Along with Casting Society Cares, we will be hosting the first virtual version of Meals 4 Monologues!

This will be a unique opportunity to give back to your community and audition for CSA Casting Directors. Good luck to all of those that have been lucky enough to secure a slot. If you’d like to make a donation in support of our campaign to a food bank then check out this link for all the info.