How do students support themselves financially when training? PPA tells us how!

How do students stay afloat when training at PPA?

When training full- time, finding time for a job can sometimes be tricky. At PPA, our students have up to 35 contact hours per week, so we spoke to some of our students, and asked them how they earn additional money whilst in full- time training. In the Guildford area in which PPA is situated, there are many opportunities for our students to get work on evenings, weekends, and during the holidays. After speaking to some of our students, on a range of our courses, I was given the following feedback:

Stagecoach Performing Arts

Stagecoach is a part- time performing arts school, offering training in singing, dancing and acting. There are over 3000 schools across 8 countries, including a plethora within the Surrey Hills, in which PPA is based.

  • It is very rewarding; you help children gain skills and confidence, which is lovely to see!
  • The pay is very good, which really helps to support yourself
  • The hours are very reasonable, and are usually just on Fridays and Saturdays
  • It goes hand in hand with your training because you are using the skills you learn in college!
  • You always get your Sundays to rest, recharge and get ready for a new week!


Hospitality is a fantastic way for students to earn money, especially when at PPA, as Guildford is packed with many eating and drinking establishments.

  • To fit in with our PPA timetable, shifts can begin after college hours
  • Most jobs are flexible and allow for time off when there is a performance at college we need to partake in
  • It helps to increase your people skills (e.g. talking to a cross-section of people and working with a variety of people)
  • There are always hospitality jobs looking for staff, so work is always available
  • The flexibility for hours means you can get more over holiday periods and less during term time
  • Most places have a good staff discount making food and drink on a day off much cheaper!

Ninja Warrior

Ninja Warrior UK is a physical obstacle assault course, based on the game show on ITV. There are activity and fitness venues all across the UK, one of which is Guildford, all geared to wide ability and ages.

Many of PPA’s students work here, and all had glowing reviews!

  • It’s a unique place to work and you can go on the obstacles in your break
  • Lovely staff who are always working hard for each other
  • It is a refreshing change of scene to drama school
  • It teaches you how to engage with children- which will benefit if you should want to go into teaching after graduating
  • You get to shoot videos for their social media
  • Zero-hour contract and good pay