How To Use LinkedIn – What Everyone Else Is Doing Wrong

LinkedIn is a must for actors. Not only does it rank high on search engine result pages, but also it is great for letting you and your connections know of activity, ensuring you stay in the know and giving you more visibility with updates than you have anywhere else. Read on to discover some of the biggest mistakes that actors are currently making on LinkedIn.

Using LinkedIn like it is Facebook

Your connections don’t want to know what ‘Friends” character you got on a quiz or what you have had for breakfast. Keep it professional.

Having a bad photograph

Having a bad photograph, or no photograph at all can be very damaging. Your profile picture needs to be professional. There are so many people that have a casual picture that has been cropped or a photo taken beside a computer with poor lighting. Not only does this make your profile seem amateurish, but also at events and auditions people will look for you based on your profile picture.

Not using keywords

You need to use keywords in your profile to ensure it features high up on results pages. Think of LinkedIn as a search engine. What search term results would you want to appear in?

 Posting negative comments

One of the biggest mistakes people make is posting negative comments on LinkedIn. If you missed out on an audition, don’t moan about it on your profile. No one likes a sore loser!

 Not writing your own summary

YOU need to write your summary; it absolutely has to be in first person. Don’t write it in third person like your publicist wrote it.

Not updating your profile regularly

One of the biggest mistakes actors make is only updating their profile when they are looking for a job. Once they have secured a role, they go silent. If you do this, your connections will be aware that activity only appears when you’re seeking a new role.

Taking on board these tips will not only allow you to appear professional on LinkedIn, but they may also help you grow your reach.