Independent Drama

Independent Drama caters for all levels of ability from complete beginner to experienced fight performer. Courses are run by certified stage combat teachers who are working industry professionals and many lead to accredited industry recognised qualifications with stage combat examining bodies such as the British Academy of Stage & Screen Combat (BASSC) and the British Academy of Dramatic Combat (BADC).

Independent drama offers training in Stage Combat weapons, Firearms, Fighting for Film and Stunt Skills, such as wireworks, fighting on horseback and stunt driving.

Exciting Upcoming Courses:

Stunt Driving

This course offers precision and stunt driving training to anyone with a valid driver’s license. Instructors Stewert Lyddall and David Hornsey will take you through the basic skills required from a stunt driver. These skills include driving to a mark, tracking car driving and following, drifting, J turns, handbrake turns, driving on 2 wheels.
This course is suitable for anyone with a valid driving license. Full price (£880) includes venue hire, vehicles and consumables.
Next Stunt Driving course is taking place on January 14th 2021.

The Grid is Upon Us!

The Grid Online Workshop will take place on January 2nd 2021 on Zoom, making it accessible to students all over the world. There are 16 classes to choose from, £10 each.

Kickstart your 2021 action training from the comfort of your own home. Have a peak at the classes!

Fighting Body

A mix of gymnastics-based mobility & balance training with exercises exploring biomechanics and the full body mechanic. Session is led by Jonathan Brown, a veteran teaching assistant on British Academy of Stage and Combat courses, and a UKCC Level 2 gymnastics coach with more than a decade of teaching experience.

Mastering Magickal Mayhem

Utilise the forces of the Elements to train, practice, rehearse and perform combat for Stage, Screen and Motion Capture. A newly developed system of training and performing allowing practitioners to ultimately test remotely. Session is led by Sam Kahn, an Equity Fight Director and a Teacher of Fighting for Stage and Screen.


An essential weapon style for any actor’s tool kit, the knife is a versatile choice for a range of characters. Spanning history, class and a multitude of settings, knife is a go to choice for many a fight scene. Session is led by Lizzy Talbot, a certified Teacher with the British Academy of Stage and Screen Combat and a fight choreographer for over ten years.

Falling from the Ground Up

Falling from the Ground Up is designed to introduce beginners to the principles of learning how to safely perform a variety of simple falls for use on stage and screen and to raise the bar for those with some experience. Based upon a mixture of traditional martial arts skills with a few modern twists to make them easier to learn, safer to perform and effective for the camera. Session is led by Tom Davies, who has been doing martial arts, including Judo, Taekwondo and Aikido, for most of his life.

Creature Movement

Drawing from the experiences of training and then retraining in various dance styles, and creature and motion capture work in the film and games industries, this class looks at how the use of weight and breath can change the intention behind movement. Session is led by Jake Nwogu, a Movement Specialist who has worked in the Ballet, Contemporary, Hip-hop and Commercial dance sectors. He has also trained in various movement-based disciplines including Stage/Screen Combat, Creature work and Motion Capture.


Open to complete beginners, this session is an introduction into the Filipino weapon arts of Kali, Escrima and Arnis. Session is led by Rajesh Rishudeo, a Kali Instructor of over a dozen years.

The Power of Mime

This class physically explores concepts drawn from Jacques LeCoq’s fundamental actions, Rudolf Laban’s eight effort actions and modern understandings of the physicality of emotion. Session is led by Dave Nolan. Dave holds a master’s degree in movement: directing and teaching, from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, where he currently teaches on the Ma Screen Acting course.

Commedia Character Combat

The class explores body centres, vocal choices, and fighting style by gathering inspiration from the larger than life characters in commedia dell’arte. Session is by Sydney Schmidt, an actor, fight director, and teaching artist in the Bay Area. She currently serves as the instructor of stage combat at the American Conservatory Theatre’s graduate programme and is a Resident Artist and Climate Justice Advocate with San Francisco Shakespeare Festival.


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