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LA Seminars

Laguna Beach Room
10:30 am

Representation: Making It Work

Hosted by Agent Brandon Cohen of Bac Talent and Juliana Castro of CESD

Your professional relationship with your Agent/Manager is one of the most important relationships you will encounter within your career. Securing the...

11:45 am

SOCIAL MEDIA: Growth and Utilization for Actors

Hosted by by Ryan Walker of TSMA Consulting

It’s no secret that Instagram and the social media landscape are more complicated than ever. TSMA Consulting and founder Ryan Walker present this...

1:00 pm

Air Force Bands & Vocalist performance with Audience Q&A

Air Force Bands presents a three-piece jazz combo plus vocalists to perform a free concert at Actors Pro Expo. Our performance will be followed by an...

2:15 pm

Secrets to Booking the Job

Hosted by Acting Coach Kimberly Jentzen

Award-winning director/coach, Kimberly Jentzen, unlocks the mindset and preparation to improve your acting and book roles. Jentzen shares professional...

3:30 pm

Your Only Competition is Yourself

Hosted by Artistic Director & Teacher Fran Montano

Many actors think they’re not enough, and that, is their biggest flaw. You’re going on an audition – There are 100 people in front of you, and...

4:45 pm

Connecting Craft & Careers

Hosted by Acting Coach & Actor Jason George

Auditions.  On-Camera. Agents. Business. Personal Life.  Each area of an actor’s life requires techniques to maximize potential, avoid pitfalls and...

Santa Monica Room
10:15 am

What Makes Your Self-Tape Stand Out From The Rest?

Hosted by Casting Director Michelle Lewitt

Michelle will be discussing what makes a memorable self-tape and understanding why auditioning is an important and separate skill than JUST acting. Do...

11:30 am

Financial Wellness for Actors

Hosted by Casting Director Karina Walters and Actress Lizzy Dalla Betta

Join us for a class on financial wellness. Our goal is to help actors (and others) learn the fundamental principles of growing wealth. No more...

12:45 pm

Connecting Through the Physical: Find YOUR Emotional Truth

Hosted by Actor & Director Murisa Harba

In this workshop, you will learn how to let go of any blocks that may be inhibiting your full performance potential. Expect to push past your comfort...

2:00 pm

How to Nail Your Commercial Audition

Hosted by Casting Director Lisa Pantone

Hear from award winning commercial casting director Lisa Pantone who has a wealth of commercial casting experience, casting over 2000 commercials and...

3:15 pm

Acting in TV and Film

Hosted by Casting Directors Sherrie Henderson, Donna Morong & Dorian Frankel

In this seminar Casting Director Sherrie Henderson will talk candidly about screen acting and the key skills required for making a good screen actor.

4:30 pm

Adding Voice Over To Your On-Camera Acting Opportunities…and Income

Hosted by Voice Over Artist & Storytelling Coach David H. Lawrence XVII

Ever wonder what it takes to get started in voice over, and to make it a part of your acting portfolio? Or what it actually takes to make money doing...

11:00 am

Industry Connections and How to Make Them

Hosted by Film/Television Agent Janelle Bernard of Daniel Hoff Agency Inc

It’s all about who you know. Just like you’d rather work with someone you know and trust, so would casting, producers, and directors. How do you make...

12:15 pm

What Casting Directors Want?

Hosted by Casting Directors Caroline Liem, Cambria Hankin & Amanda Richards

Actors often hide their imperfections, thinking it’s not what casting directors and people in the industry want to see. Paradoxically, it’s those...

1:30 pm

The Future of Acting: Creating Your own Content

Hosted by Ben Whitehair - Actor & CIO of TSMA Consulting, Actor & Director Walid Chaya, Shaine Griffin of SAG-AFTRA & Gregg Martin

One of the first things you will hear in Hollywood is to create your own content. In an ever-changing industry, making your own work could mean making...

2:45 pm

Getting ‘In The Room’

Hosted by Casting Director Sunday Boling

In a world where there’s more competition than ever before, join casting director Sunday Boling and learn how to get in the room. This seminar will...

4:00 pm

Building the career you want (with no connections)

Hosted by Acting Coach Stuart Rogers

Acting is a communal art, you can’t do it alone. Find your professional and artistic community in the vast expanse of Los Angeles. Create the momentum...

5:15 pm

Audition Mindset

Hosted by by Casting Director Lisa Zambetti and Actors Rebecca Knowles and Bryan Coffee

Do auditions stress you out? Have you done the work only to have your inner critic get in the way? Want to be auditioning more than you are? This seminar...