LA Seminars

Herald Square
10:30 am

Representation: Making It Work

Hosted by Agent Jerry Kallarakkal of Abrams Artists Agency and Talent Managers Thomas Green of Lakey Wolff & Company and Jenevieve Brewer

Your professional relationship with your Agent/Manager is one of the most important relationships you will encounter within your career. Securing the...

11:45 am

Breaking into Voiceover

Hosted by Voice Director/Casting Director Andy Roth

Have you ever thought about moving into Voiceover work? Voiceover is one of the most rapidly growing branches of the entertainment industry.  The...

1:00 pm

What Makes an Actor Memorable?

Hosted by

We all think about how we can make the best impression or the most unique impression in front of the casting director. Most importantly you want to make...

2:15 pm

What Casting Directors Want

Hosted by Angela Mickey & Rachel Reiss of Liz Lewis Casting

Actors often hide their imperfections, thinking it’s not what casting directors and people in the industry want to see. Paradoxically, it’s those...

3:30 pm

The Business of Acting in TV and Film

Hosted by Casting Directors Kimberly Skyrme and Alan Scott Neale

In this seminar two industry heavyweights will talk candidly about screen acting, the demands of being on set, and the key skills required for making a...

4:45 pm

Talking Broadway: Everything you need to know about NYC Theater

Hosted by Casting Director Jamibeth Margolis and Composer and Co-founder of Actor Therapy Ryan Scott Oliver

What do you need in order to make it on Broadway? This seminar tells you everything you need to know about New York’s thriving theater scene,...

Greeley Square
10:30 am

How to Nail Your Commercial Audition

Hosted by Casting Director Rebecca Yarsin of House Casting

Hear from a top commercial casting director with a wealth of commercial casting experience. Get insider tips on how to nail commercial auditions and how...

11:45 am

Headshot, Resume, Website, Reel: The Four Pillars of Actor Marketing

Hosted by Tom Lapke of Six Legions Media

The days of hitting the ground running with just a headshot are over. Today’s actor needs to not only be talented, but brand aware and digitally...

1:00 pm

SOCIAL MEDIA: Growth and Utilization for Actors

Hosted by Ryan Walker of TSMA Consulting

It’s no secret that Instagram and the social media landscape are more complicated than ever. TSMA Consulting and founder Ryan Walker present this...

4:45 pm

Marketing & Networking Your Way to Success

Hosted by Producer & Consultant Thomas J Bellezza of BBR Productions

A successful career in entertainment is built on a foundation of three needs. Learn how to increase your circle of influence and establish a brand to...