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Shoots: Spring 2020 in LA


The beloved fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen as seen on instagram. Poolside princess Syrene is lost in her record producer father’s demands for pop stardom, but longs for an authentic, music filled life. After falling hopelessly in love with an indie rock musician holed up in an exclusive hotel, she strikes a deal with a competitor to spend a weekend at the Calypso in hopes of winning his affection. Is it true love, or is her naive heart being set up?


SYRENE: Female, 17. Based on the title character from The Little Mermaid, Syrene is a young singer/songwriter hopelessly in love. She loves to swim, joke with her friends, and sing sad songs about being in love. She’s innocent, naive, and beautiful.

KEON: Male, 18. Keon is flamboyant, sarcastic, and too stylish for most to handle. He calls it like it is and lives for the drama.

KING: Male, 50s. King is the CEO of a record company, and only got there by working around the clock aggressively. He works hard, plays hard, talks impatiently and always has somewhere to be.

CRAWFORD: Male, late 20s. Crawford is a squirrely assistant at a record company who is always at his boss’s beck and call. Spineless, smug, and desperate to please, his passive aggressiveness is undercut by a fun sense of humor. Quirky and unique character.

AITANA: Female, 21. Aitana is a popstar hell bent on success, and will do everything in her power to make it big. She plays the game, works hard, and keeps her heart to herself. She’s sexy, cool, and all about image.

WILL: Male, 20. Will is an indie rock musician, John Mayer type trapped with a label who keeps pushing him into pop. After a public breakdown with his celebrity girlfriend and a few off colored interviews, he’s holed up drinking in a hotel. Will is talented, lives for music and having fun with his buddies, and hates everything about hollywood.

LORTZ: Male, 22. Lortz is Will’s best friend and audio engineer. Lortz is constantly selling, doing, or buying drugs, and is a mellow presence for his friend. He loves music, taking it easy, staying up late, and checking out girls.

Actors are required to prepare a 1 minute monologue of their choice. Sign up at the Open Casting Desk. Auditions slots are not guaranteed and will be allocated in order of arrival. You can not pre-book time slots before arriving, this can only be done on the day.