Looking After Your Voice in Winter

Game of Thrones has been predicting it for years, but it’s true – Winter Is Here. We love this season for endless mugs of hot chocolate, snuggling into cosy sweaters and of course all those Christmas feels. However, despite all the glitter and glitz, ‘tis also the season for flu, sore throats and chills, all which can dramatically affect your voice. As a performer it’s important to look after your most important tool, so here are our top tips for keeping your voice healthy over the holidays!

  • Drink Water
    Tempting as it is to guzzle down the eggnog and flutes of fizz, good old H20 is your best friend when it comes to vocal health. Glug it down and keep yourself hydrated, energised and your vocal folds lubricated and flexible.
  • Hot Drinks
    Warm beverages are also a winner for voices. Our favourite is a big spoon of Manuka honey, the juice of half a lemon and a couple of slices of fresh ginger all topped up with boiling water. Give it a stir, drink the lot and thank me later.
  • Wrap Up
    Keep that throat nice and warm. This is definitely an excuse to buy gorgeous new fluffy scarves and accessories. It’s for your HEALTH!
  • Warm-up Properly
    We all know that warming up your voice is essential before using it, but in the cold weather make sure you really do warm-up both your voice and your body thoroughly – it can take longer if you’re battling bitter weather!
  • Humidify and Steam
    Endlessly swapping between dry central heating air and freezing outdoor winds is not good for the voice. Regularly steam using a vocal steamer, or lean over a bowl of boiling water with a towel over your head (this method is also extra good for the skin, bonus!) and inhale deeply.
  • Humidify your home
    Another way to combat that dry central heating air is to ensure that your home has a good level of moisture in it so pop a bowl of water on, or near, your radiator and it will naturally infuse the air with some well needed moisture!
  • Don’t Sing if You’re Sick!
    Pretty self explanatory. If you use your voice when you’re sick, you could do serious damage to it. Admit you need a rest and fully recover before using it again.
  • Burning the Candle
    We all love to let our hair down, and the holidays are full of excuses to party. But spare a thought for your poor vocal folds and take it easy on the alcohol and cigarettes!
  • Loud Music
    If you do find yourself at a festive bonanza, be careful not to shout over loud music, or try to sing along to Mariah Carey with too much enthusiasm! You’ll wake up in the morning with a strained voice and a throat which feels like sandpaper!


Happy Healthy Holidays Everyone!

With love from all of us at Actor’s Pro Expo!


by Katie Brennan