Looking to juggle work with acting gigs? Come find a job at Stellar!

Stellar is an experiential retail agency, redefining how brands connect with their customers – creating genuine, human experiences no matter where they are. They are driving the future of retail for global brands like Samsung, Nike or Sage Appliances and that means supporting them with the best people. They have lots of full-time and part-time job opportunities in physical and virtual retail and offer competitive rates of pay. Here’s Anthony Macina, Studios Manager at Stellar Global, explaining why the actors in his team love working there.

What is your job?

I work for Stellar Global as the Studio Manager for Sage Studios, a mixed virtual selling and content creation space where I get to use my filmmaking background to enhance the experience we deliver for our clients. This includes virtual demonstrations and events as well as livestreams and social media content about getting the best results with their products at home.

How big is your team?

I manage a team of approximately 15 virtual product experts spanning 4 languages covering English, French, German and Dutch, with about two thirds of the team being actors.

Why do you recruit actors?

We love recruiting actors because they are confident on camera, very good at tailoring their approach to a specific tone for the individual customer and they enjoy the flexibility and variety the opportunities at Stellar provide.

What do they do for Stellar?

They act as our product experts, both in-store and virtually, to deliver world class demonstrations and enhance the customer journey, bringing our clients great sales results and building our relationships with key stakeholders in our store environments. In my studio in particular, they engage with our customers virtually, bringing the product to life on camera and delivering one-to-one demonstrations and one-to-many live classes once they are fully trained up on the range.

Why do actors like to work for Stellar?

I thought I’d let the actors on my team say it best…

 “This is the perfect place to work between acting jobs, and it’s the most enjoyable workplace I’ve ever had.”

 “As an Actor, it was tough for me to balance physically straining jobs with long hours alongside casting calls and unsteady filming days. Working with Stellar allowed me to have both a regular job and income and still have the energy to do other things around it.”

“Stellar is the perfect place to work whilst juggling performing and auditioning jobs. The team are super supportive and caring, many of them being actors and artists as well.”

How do they juggle acting and working for you?

Shift patterns on my team are flexible to allow for their creative endeavours, with many of our staff going on tour regularly and both auditioning for and garnering roles in film, stage, TV, voiceover and commercial work.

Stellar short reel :  https://vimeo.com/744461618

Our current vacancies can be found here https://stellar.global/actors-expo-careers. Alternatively please email talent@stellar.global with your CV and we will get in touch with you.