Mastering Self-Tapes and Virtual Auditions and Finding Your Next Role

We at The Mandy Network continue to work tirelessly to ensure our talented community is motivated and supported during this current climate. Employers post thousands of jobs each week on Mandy for our members and we are your one-stop shop for finding work, networking with a global community and much more. Your next role in a feature film, TV series or international campaign could be just around the corner.

The landscape of our industry has transformed in such a short period of time. Established relationships between actors, agents and casting directors have evolved, and it has forced our industry to adapt and explore new avenues of professional communication. Self-tapes and virtual auditions are the new normal, and we want our talented community to be in the best possible position to get cast for their next project.

Check out just some of our tips below and our full Guide here.

  • Practice makes perfect. Plan a mock-audition with someone you know over the platform a casting director plans to meet you on. This offers a great opportunity to find the optimal spot in your home to audition from and perfect all aspects of your performance.
  • How are you seen? Considerations such as lighting, clothing choice, the positioning of your camera and more should be perfected. Ensure your camera is placed at eye level; make sure you are wearing clothing that is appropriate for the audition; position yourself against a neutral background.
  • The ownership is back onto you. Virtual auditions allow you to feel comfortable on your own turf in an environment that is conducive to delivering a comfortable, solid performance. Remember that you are the master here and casting directors want you to succeed now more than ever! Consider all these tips and approach your next virtual audition with ease and confidence.

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