Meet one of our Agent Panellists!

Tom Gribby

All about Tom…

1. What’s something you think holds a lot of young actors back when it comes to performing?

I’d say second guessing oneself often holds people back. My advice is be daring, be fearless and try new things and make bold choices…Not everything is going to work every time, but you’ll only discover what works and what doesn’t if you have the courage to put yourself out there and try!

2. What has been your favourite performance from an actor on film/tv or theatre?

As solely an audience member, watching Bertie Carvel play Leo Frank in Parade at the Donmar is one of those iconic acting moments that sticks with me. With my “manager’s hat” on, seeing a client make their feature film or television lead debut is often a favourite and memorable moment for me…especially if they’ve been working in the industry for a while and finally get their time.

3. What is your favourite thing to watch on TV at the moment?

Ahhh there are so many brilliant British TV dramas at the moment: from Happy Valley to Heartstopper, as well as Top Boy and Doctor Who returning! I’m especially excited for the next season of the Crown which is always a staple in my TV viewing calendar!

4. What’s your favourite stage show you’ve seen?

Ahhh now there’s a question! Musical-wise, it would have to be Parade at the Donmar, or Maria Friedman/Menier’s Merrily We Roll Along. And amongst the plays, it would be The Inheritance…very thought provoking.

5. Do you have any hobbies you like to do in your leisure time?

I always seem to be in work mode, but I love going on walks, watching TV dramas and films and listening to podcasts. It’s so important in my role to keep up with latest trends and also gives me the impetus to think of creative ideas for our talent.

6. Where is on your dream holiday destination list?

The weather is so unpredictable in the UK so anywhere with a regular warmer climate is a winner for me. I love L.A. for that. Other places on my list include Hong Kong, Tokyo…I love the Far East!

7. Do you have/want any pets?

I don’t have any pets. My old housemate, Aimie Atkinson (West End leading lady), had 3 dogs when I lived with her who were absolutely gorgeous and ignited a new found love of dogs…so who knows in the future!

8. What’s one piece of advice you have for actors at the expo?

Be yourself! At HOST Talent Group, we work closely with our talent and thrive on a personable talent-manager relationship, so I want to get to know you, especially during an initial meeting. Don’t try and be a carbon copy of someone else, or pre-empt what a panel may be looking for…celebrate being the individual that you are…it’s far more authentic!