We have partnered with The Female Film Club to provide some dedicated networking sessions at WeAudition: Actors Pro Expo 2024. Networking can feel overwhelming for many people, even us actors! So, this year after hearing your feedback we have a dedicated networking zone to give you a helping hand in coming away from the day with a phone book filled with new contacts!

Everyone is welcome to join – no matter your gender, so make use of this great (free!) opportunity to get to know fellow attendees, who most likely share your goals for 2024!

Create meaningful connections, get inspired, and expand your network with:

– Live Interaction: face-to-face connections!
– Diverse Conversations: Network with fellow actors to learn from each other.
– Authentic Connections: Say goodbye to scripted networking – we’re all about genuine, real-time conversations.
– Effortless Networking: No need for a rehearsed pitch or to sell yourself – just come as you are.

How It Works:

– 1-on-1 Sessions: Engage in dynamic conversations with other actors with prompted conversation topics from FFC.
– Quick Rotations: Every 10 minutes, meet someone new and expand your network.

To participate:

It’s completely free to join one of our networking events at the event, but you do need to sign up for a free membership with FFC to get involved.

Join the FFC free Networking Space here:
RSVP for the event here:

Keen to keep talking or do some more research on the actors that attended? Everyone that RSVP’s to this event can be found before and after by following that member in the Networking Space and sending a DM! This way the speed networking event functions as an icebreaker for a long-lasting relationship.

This is your chance to meet your creative film sister/accountability partner, be inspired, get new creative ideas, and expand your network. The possibilities of who you will meet are endless. This isn’t just networking; it’s an opportunity to level up your journey in film, and the exciting part is you don’t know which conversation will change your world.

About The Female Film Club

The Female Film Club is the transformative members club reshaping the landscape of filmmakers globally. The club empowers its members throughout their journey in the film industry. This allows members to find their community and become part of a global movement pushing the female voice forward. The FFC currently has members from 51+ nationalities.

Knowing how challenging networking can be, we were keen to make networking easier, friendlier, and more authentic, allowing you to really come as yourself on a good or a bad day. This is why we started the FFC; we wanted a space where every creative could feel comfortable, no matter their circumstance, situation, or background. We always make sure to celebrate our differences as our strength and create genuine connections by learning from each other.