Nicky’s Advice For Actors

Christmas suddenly feels a distance memory and 2017 is galloping by at quite a pace.  How’s it going for you so far? Did you set any resolutions and if so, how are they working out?

I am a huge believer in goal setting and usually spend some time before New Year’s Eve mapping out what I want to achieve and often it is a hefty list featuring many creative projects.

Life has been busy here as usual, but in terms of acting, fairly quiet. I am changing representation at the moment and have some meetings this week (wish me luck and by the way, let me know if you want me to let you know how I got a prospective agent to OPEN my email and invite me for a meeting – happy to share).

On the audition front though – NOWT. Not one. But do you know what? It’s OK. Genuinely. I’m not worried. It’s all good.

However, if this had been the case early on in my career, I would have been in a right state; worrying, doubting myself, hassling my agent (in the breezy (definitely not breezy) way of ‘Anything happening at the moment’) and moaning to my friends and family.

The truth is, I used to base a lot of my happiness on how successful my career was.

If I was penciled or recalled, I could feel my self esteem creeping up but then the inevitable ‘clock watch’ and ‘waiting for my agent to phone’ circus would commence.

I would comfort myself with ‘Perhaps they are still in the production meeting’ or ‘Maybe the filming dates have changed’ and then when the silence will follow, I would feel the crash of being bitterly disappointed.

Do you feel the same? It’s hard not to.

This industry can feel tough, emotional and exhausting. But having said that I hope I can make you feel better and share something with you.

It is ok that you haven’t had an audition for a while.

It is ok that you are doubting yourself.

It is ok that you haven’t worked for a bit and it is normal to feel ALL the emotions when you are completing your tax return and noting that you have only been an actor for only three days over the course of the year.

It is how you deal with those emotions. It is what you do in the in-between times.

It is your responsibility to take care of yourself in the meantime; to notice your actions, your mindset, your language and to make sure you are always ready. Your time will come, I promise. You could receive a phone call tomorrow that will change the course of your life in an extraordinary way – the question is, are you ready?

When I was an agent, I used to see a ‘lucky break’ come all the time (don’t worry the jobs and opportunities are out there) but even though everything was perfect, somehow he or she would miss out; mess up the audition, forget their text, become so stifled that nerves and overwhelm would kick in. Some of course, would relish the opportunity and truly excel and take their career to new heights.

Having coached over 500 people, I know the signs that may be getting in the way of your success and can quickly help you to move through them.

The most popular statement I hear during my sessions, talks and general chats with actors, is ‘I don’t know what to do’. I know it is my responsibility to share what I know. To help you build the career of your dreams so I created the course I was looking for, that I couldn’t find and that I needed urgently. A ten module, comprehensive, strategy based action plan to help you put yourself back in the driver’s seat of your career. Find out more here (you can get £30 off until the 6th February).

In the meantime, do something. Take action. Book a class, read a book, get inspired, book your place at The Surviving Actors exhibition. Do whatever it takes to make you feel like an actor again and don’t miss out on your lucky break as it may just be around the corner.

Nicky is holding 1-2-1 career sessions at our event and hosting a talk on networking. You can purchase her book ‘Be Ready for your Lucky Break’ for £2 by entering ‘SA2017’ as the promo code: and get £30 off her course ‘Success toolkit for actors’ until 6th February 2017 here: