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New York Seminars

Studio A
11:00 am

THE TOP 10 Working Actor Mistakes & Solutions

Hosted by Valorie Hubbard of Actor’s Fast Track

As a savvy, business-minded actor, we know you look for the same in the training you seek. Valorie Hubbard has forged a career in Theater, TV, and in...

12:15 pm

Love your Flaws, Know your Casting

Hosted by Casting Associate Beth Ryne

This seminar, hosted by Beth Ryne considers how actors can get real about their casting and the importance of getting an objective view. How you can make...

1:30 pm

Securing Representation To Take Your Career To The Next Level

Hosted by Fela Oke (CK Talent Management) and Brandon Cohen (BAC Talent Inc)

Securing the right representation, at the right time can be a real game changer for your career. But how do you know when the right time is, and what...

2:45 pm

How to Get in the Door…Winning in the Pilot Season

Hosted by Marketing Expert and Career Coach Gwyn Gilliss

PILOT SEASON 2019 is swiftly approaching! Are you ready? Casting of major primetime shows and new pilots will begin soon. Do you have an agent?...

4:00 pm

Hollywood’s Changing Diversity

Hosted by Casting Associate Beth Ryne, Casting Director Caroline Liem and Director Sarah Spillane

A panel of industry professionals discuss diversity in Hollywood. How the landscape is changing, and why it’s so important for every actor to embrace...

Studio B
11:30 am

Cast ‘n Furious

Hosted by Casting Director Jessica Sherman

Taking your passion into the room. A Casting Director discusses how actors can come into the room bold, having made strong choices before coming into the...

12:45 pm

What Makes an Actor Memorable?

Hosted by Casting Director Jessica Sherman

Prominent Casting Director Jessica Sherman will be discussing her vast experience of casting and what exactly it is that makes an actor memorable.

2:00 pm

Writing for Late Night TV and Talk Shows

Hosted by Eileen Monteleone on behalf of The Second City

Write monologue jokes, desk bits, remote segments, sketch, and more for shows like Fallon, Conan, Kimmel, Seth Myers, Colbert, Corden, Oliver, and Ellen....

3:15 pm

Secrets to Booking the Job

Hosted by Kimberly Jentzen of Acting with Impact

Kimberly Jentzen will present key strategies and winning tips that can make or break your auditions. She’ll also cover how to effectively shoot your...

4:30 pm

‘For Those Who Dream’

Hosted by Sunny Vachher Creative Visionary, Producer & Entrepreneur

Actors do it, because they love it! It’s an amazing industry but it can be tough sometimes. A special guest speaker will share their experiences from...

Studio D
11:00 am

Don’t Stop Believing

Hosted by Casting Director Rich Mento

Renowned Casting Director Rich Mento will discuss his experience in the industry and what actors need to do to keep inspired and moving forward with...

12:15 pm

Emerging Women in Hollywood

Hosted by Directors Emma Holly Jones, Sarah Spillane and Producer Kerry Marlowe

As the number of female writers, producers and directors increases, the film and TV landscape is changing. This workshop looks at the need for all...

1:30 pm

Powerful Performing: Be Matchless

Hosted by Fran Montano of Actors Workout Studio

 So, you’re going on an audition. There are 100 people in front of you, and 100 people behind you.  They all look like you....

2:45 pm

The Actor Revolution

Hosted by Valorie Hubbard of Actor’s Fast Track

How does one survive the current EXPONENTIAL change that is happening in every industry? Valorie talks about the change that is happening daily for...

Studio E
11:30 am

It’s Okay Not to Be Okay

Hosted by Producer and Founder of Artists for Change Julia Verdin

Mental health affects many actors and performers as well as one-in-four of the general population. Julia Verdin will speak about how actors can stay...

12:45 pm

Nail Your Self-Tape

Hosted by Owner/Founder of Actors Green Room Jen Rudolph

The competition is tougher than ever to land a coveted role in film and TV. More and more casting teams are using self-taped submissions to filter...

2:00 pm

You’re A Genius Until Proven Otherwise: Demystifying the Cold Reading Process

Hosted by Richard Lawson Studios

My philosophy: You’re A Genius Until Proven Otherwise.  The beauty of this statement is that you’re the only one who can prove it otherwise.  The...

3:15 pm

Seven Pillars of Acting

Hosted by Founder of Seven Pillars Acting Studio Sonya Cooke

Come learn about the technique that is transforming Hollywood. Cutting-edge, comprehensive, and effective, Seven Pillars Acting empowers the...

4:30 pm

In the Room: Casting for Film

Hosted by Casting Director Matthew Lessall

In this session casting director Matthew Lessall will give an insight into his casting process for film; what happens before you get in the room, when...