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Streetwalkers by Kyskeya Films

Date 3rd November 2018
Starts 10:00 am
Room Laurel
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*Open casting audition slots are ONLY available on the day and a first-come-first-served policy applies. Please do not contact the production company about this casting. Please contact Actors Pro Expo about this casting.*

Casting “Streetwalkers,” a feature film in which three students filming a horror movie stumble upon something much worse, and their only hope for survival is two detectives who find the camera that was left behind.

Actors must prepare a 1 minute monologue and be prepared to read sides if requested in the audition room.

Payment details: SAG Modified Low Budget Agreement.

Location & Dates of shooting: Los Angeles, CA February 18, 2019 to March 18,  2019

RYAN – Early to mid twenties.

Student at a community college in a small town. He’s a good looking, clean cut guy and an exceptional athlete. He’s not too cocky, but he’s confident and honest. He comes from a good family, the youngest of three boys. He’s best friends with Jake and he’s dating Erica, they’ve been dating for about a year. He’s working on a short film for class with Jake, but after Erica’s abduction his main goal is to save her even if it means putting his life on the line.

JAKE- Early to mid-twenties.

Student at the same community college. Jake loves film to an obsessive degree and he’s not very athletic (kind of like a younger TJ Miller). He’s the comic relief, with a good heart, plenty of sarcasm, and a tendency to embellish. He’s the only child of divorced parents. He’s best friends with Ryan and he wants to do a great job on their short film, but after the abduction he focuses on getting everything on tape to chronicle their experience and gather evidence on the killer.

Dani Brooks – Female – 19 – 26 yrs 

She is an introvert. She is a multi–award winning straight A student, adopted daughter of Dr Brooks ( which will be played by veteran actor John Beasley). Dani dated Jake briefly and she dumped him. He’s not over it but she is. She soon wakes up to find herself abducted in the same room as the other victims.