Date 24th February 2024
Starts 3:30 pm
Finishes 4:15 pm
Room Finsbury
Hosted by Jessica Jefferies, Casting Director

The industry is evolving, and the world of video games has become a lucrative and exciting area for actors to be involved with! Jessica’s experience covers video games, animation, new media, VFX and SFX. She will be giving her advice on how actors can get started in this area of the industry!

Jessica Jefferies

Jessica is a 3 times award nominated casting director who works primarily within video games, animation, new media, VFX and SFX. Her specialities lie in pinpointing specific skill sets and physical attributes which lend themselves to the world of performance capture, prosthetics and creature performance, as well as honing in on the storytelling and narrative performances for voice casts in video games and animation.

Jessica is a member of the CDG, CDA and a full, voting member of BAFTA.