Date 24th February 2024
Starts 12:45 pm
Finishes 1:30 pm
Room Commercial 3
Hosted by Directors Tim Kent & Nathan Caselton

A Film & TV sets can be a busy environment and for many actors new to screen. Everything you’ve learnt becomes a blur as you’re surrounded by the chaos that proceeds a take making it hard to focus and deliver your best, often resulting in what you thought was your best take not making the cut. In this seminar Director & 1st AD Nathan Caselton and Director & Producer Tim Kent will discuss the life of an actor on set and provide genuine insight into maintaining focus, emotion and technical ability to ensure you’re showcasing your employability skills with every job and your performance isn’t left on the cutting room floor.

Key Topics:

– Your First Steps On Set

– The relationship of a Director and 1st AD with Cast

– What to do between takes

– Questions you should ask every Director

– Common mistakes made by new screen actors

– How to make a career on screen

– Q&A

Tim Kent

Tim Kent is a multi award-winning Director and founder of Actors Studio based at Pinewood Studios. Tim is currently in pre-production for his next film following the release of his feature Sparrow’s Call due early next year. Tim was previously an agent representing many household names and has developed a reputation for fostering talent to help them find success on screen. Tim comes with a wealth of experience both in the business of acting and on set.

Nathan Caselton

Nathan Caselton is a Director and 1st Assistant Director based at Pinewood Studios. Having worked with hundreds of actors including world-renowned talent, he has a clear vision of how to produce watchable performances with his cast and tell engaging stories on screen. Nathan’s vibrant technique and visually driven style has fuelled projects at every level, including his latest film Family or Freedom. Nathan is also Creative Director of Actors Studio, training the next generation of screen actors where he has a reputation for identifying talent and kick-starting their careers on screen through projects he undertakes.