Auditioning In The Room Vs Self Tapes

Date 8th February 2020
Starts 11:00 am
Finishes 11:45 am
Room Broadgate 2 Room
Hosted by Casting Director Suzanne Smith
*Please check to ensure that you have not double booked any of our seminars, workshops or events*

In 2020 there is a good chance you’ll be asked to audition in two key ways. Suzanne Smith will be covering the key differences between having an in-person audition and a self-taped one, and how you can prepare for both and give yourself the best chance of getting booked.

Suzanne has won 2 Emmy Awards for casting, Band of Brothers and The Pacific for HBO, and has been nominated for two other television shows, Anne Frank and Path to 9/11. She also received a Canadian Gemini for casting Durham County. Suzanne casts the acclaimed series Outlander and has recently cast Good Omens and Carnival Row.