Becoming a TRI-Coastal (International) Actor

Date 8th February 2020
Starts 12:30 pm
Finishes 1:15 pm
Room Broadgate 1 Room
Hosted by international actors marketing coach Gwyn Gilliss
*Please check to ensure that you have not double booked any of our seminars, workshops or events*

Most actors think of their careers in terms of three medias – theatre, TV and film. You train in theatre, get ongoing employment and income in TV, and become established in starring roles in film. But due to the internet and international productions, actors are now not just crossing borders, they’re crossing continents. British actors particularly are succeeding in doing this at an incredible pace. If you’re well trained in camera technique and accents you can do the same, shooting TV series in Los Angeles, working in theatre in New York, playing roles in film internationally! Think Ruth Wilson and Dominic West as Americans in The Affair, Jenna Coleman in the Australian Wentworth, Damien Lewis in Homeland and Billions, Brian Cox in Succession … on and on. The international actor has arrived!

But, how do you become one? What are the steps – the basics, the challenges and hurdles? Find out from the foremost international marketing guru for actors, GWYN GILLISS. As an actress, writer and producer, as well as a marketing coach, she’s worked in all three markets while helping hundreds of British, French, German and Italian actors do the same – finding auditions, agent representation and work!

Do you have to move to New York or Los Angeles immediately? NO
Do you need a fortune to accomplish this? NO
What do you NEED? Now you can find out.

In Gwyn’s unique, highly popular seminar, you’ll be able to get a clear understanding of the THREE STEPS you need to take:

– LEARN what specific training you need and how to get it

– FIND the marketing tools you’ll need to get auditions and representation

– CREATE the marketing plan to set up your success by working with your personal guide and mentor, Gwyn!

Following the seminar you can chat with Gwyn and sign up for your free first career consult or cut to the chase and sign up for one of her marketing programmes – Plan A, B or C …. all one-on-one sessions with Gwyn personally. They’re AFFORDABLE, pay as you go monthly, EASY through Skype, Facetime or What’s App and, most importantly, you get RESULTS guaranteed!

Not ready for prime time? No worries … start with Plan A and work at a slower pace to get up to speed with your type, brand and marketing tools. Then, when you’re ready, follow up with Gwyn to create a marketing plan and get a personal referral to top industry contacts!

Gwyn works with actors at all levels. Her approach is based on insider information, insight and personal experience working with thousands of successful actors. Avoid wasting time and valuable resources going in the wrong direction, doing the wrong thing! Start right, get the right information, personal attention and professional referrals so your career path speeds up! Gwyn’s current London clients most recently have appeared on the long running successful TV series, The Doctors, The Bodyguard, The FBI, The Good Doctor, Killing Eve, the Emmy award winning series Game of Thrones, and Downtown Abbey, both the series and the newly released film.