Date 28th October 2023
Starts 3:45 pm
Finishes 4:30 pm
Room Forman Lecture Theatre
Hosted by Michael Cox

During the audition, it’s important to be prepared, follow directions, and bring your unique perspective to the role. Remember, casting decisions are not solely based on talent but also factors like physical appearance, marketability, and the overall chemistry with other actors or the brand. It’s essential to approach auditions with a positive attitude, knowing that casting choices can be subjective and influenced by various factors beyond your control.

Ultimately, the Casting Director’s goal is to find the best performer for the commercial, while the performer’s aim is to showcase their skills and potentially secure the role. Understanding the roles and responsibilities of each party can help navigate the commercial casting process with confidence.

Michael Cox

Michael formed Hammond Cox Casting in 2012. Working with Thom Hammond and combining 15 years of high-end industry experience. In our eleven years of business, we’ve worked internationally in film, commercial and music video. Working in partnership, our meticulous, rigorous approach aims to secure an outstanding choice of talent, whatever the brief, across all media.