Financial Planning for Actors

Date 14th September 2020
Starts 3:00 pm EST
Finishes 4:00 pm EST
Room Room 2 - Monday 14th September
Hosted by Performer and Financial Advisor Frank Piccirillo II aka Francis James
*Please check to ensure that you have not double booked any of our seminars, workshops or events*

Life in the arts does not come with the financial securities of a 9-5  job. In this session Frank Piccirillo II aka Francis James, both a Performer and Financial Advisor, will cover the steps you can take to turn your unique income situation into a robust one. Francis will cover useful aspects of financial planning that you can implement now through to retirement age.

The moderator will choose a few questions to be answered during this session.

Frank’s practice mainly focuses around families and those in the entertainment industry. He is a performer himself so those working in the industry are very near and dear to him. He employs a coaching-centric philosophy which focuses on clients understanding their goals and steering their financial decisions towards them. Most performers out there; in professional sports, in business, in life – they all have something in common. They all have a coach. A coach who empowers them, keeps them accountable, and helps them stick to the plan to achieve their dreams, meet their goals, and get what they want out of life. That’s Frank; a coach, who also happens to be a financial advisor.

Frank is probably the most artistic financial guy you’ll ever meet. He sings in a rock & roll band called Suspicious Minds, he dabbles in solo musical projects, and is an actor who has been in short films and one feature film in 2019. He enjoys writing, painting, and illustrating. He has also loved BMX, skateboarding, and bodyboarding since he was a kid. Frank resides in Somerville, New Jersey with his wife Christina, and their two angelic senior dogs Todd and Sasha.