Date 24th February 2024
Starts 11:00 am
Finishes 11:45 am
Room Bishopsgate 2
Hosted by Alex Reece & Darren Tassell

Tried and trusted techniques, strategies, and approaches for getting your first jobs in the independent film sector. How to build trust, how to solve the casting problem for them, how to network, market yourself, and become an asset to any film production so that they want to employ you again and again and again.

Darren Tassell

Darren was seen as the Drill Instructor in the 2016 Actimel Christmas Commercial which was seen on TV’s and Billboards across Europe starting in 2016. Darren has appeared in worldwide cinemas in several big Bollywood productions and is making a name for himself in Bollywood with several more films due for cinema releases. Darren is known for playing action roles in war films, wacky villains and playing the lead character in the brilliant comedy Best Geezer.

Darren also appeared in the Sky One series COBRA.

He then started during Covid to help other actors and film makers achieve their dreams.

Alex Reece

Since graduating from ASAD Academy of the Science of Acting and Directing school in 2010 Alex started carved out a thriving career in international and independent film sector;  He has over 35 IMDb Film and TV credits ranging from blockbuster international cinema releases, Top level studio TV roles,  to award winning UK and international independent films.

He built a career by actively marketing himself to directors and producers, and started like most people by pursuing opportunities in student films and short films, bagged a role in a Heineken advert alongside Sean Cronin as the Bond Villains in the SKYFAL ‘Crack the Case’ commercial and game with Daniel Craig and Berenice Marlohe, and continued working his way up to smaller roles in very low budget feature films, and then taking lead roles in lower budget films in order to build his experience and contact network.

He continued to market himself vigorously by going to film festivals to meet directors and producers and around 2016 started to get bigger roles in higher budget productions and in 2017 got the lead villain role in the 1st World War SAJJAN SINGH RANGROOT, which was released across the globe to great critical acclaim, and he continues to bag strong supporting lead and ensemble roles in UK Independent films, lead role in Danny Patrick’s THE ARYAN PAPERS and International cinema, winning several excellent character roles in Hindi / Indian cinema and was recently cast in a top level US studio TV production with an Oscar winning director, and won the lead villain in a Sony TV productions series releasing in 2024.

Alex is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese and has recently been cast as the lead role in THE BEST IN LIFE, a Portuguese film set in the Douro valley wine growing region of Portugal. In 2020 Alex co-founded with his friend and now business partner Darren Tassell, to share his proactive strategy and tools for consistently getting work in a very competitive sector. Alex also teaches acting, audition technique and motion capture at Cambridge RSU University and Chichester university.