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How to Get in the Door…Winning in the Pilot Season

Date November 3rd 2018
Starts 2:45 pm
Finishes 3:45 pm
Room Studio A
Hosted by Marketing Expert and Career Coach Gwyn Gilliss
*Please check to ensure that you have not double booked any of our seminars, workshops or events*

PILOT SEASON 2019 is swiftly approaching! Are you ready? Casting of major primetime shows and new pilots will begin soon. Do you have an agent? Are you meeting the top CD’s? Are you getting in the door? Gwyn can show you HOW!  Learn everything about PILOT SEASON from A-Z – What is it? When is it? Why is it? Who are the power players and why should you get to know them? How are roles cast? How to get those auditions with, or without, an Agent and when to seek Agent representation to get you “in the door”. The three things every Casting Director looks for and how to reach out to them. How to get auditions and call backs- “Going To Producers” and what that means. What you need for audition material and how to ACE an Agent Interview! Gwyn covers all these questions and more to help you feel confident and give you viable steps to break through to the next level of your career.

Marketing Expert and Career Coach, Gwyn Gilliss is the guest lecturer for this seminar and with international career coaching clients in London, New York, Paris, Sydney, Toronto, and Malta, among others, she is an highly skilled in this field. Having produced over 100 LA and NYC industry events she is the expert on getting your acting career jumpstarted in a new market. A successful actress herself, Gwyn understands the demands of the career and the realities involved, such as getting representation, self-promotion, and the need for excellent marketing tools. She is an award winning screenwriter, as well as a film producer. Gwyn is your best guide to being successful in NY or LA. She has been bi-coastal, living in NYC and LA, for decades and her network includes hundreds of agents, casting directors, and managers who have worked with, signed, and represented her private coaching clients (many of whom can be seen in current feature films with A-list stars and appearing on numerous prime time series).