How To Get Work As A Voiceover Artist

Date 8th February 2020
Starts 1:30 pm
Finishes 2:15 pm
Room Broadgate 1 Room
Hosted by Rachael Naylor of The VoiceOver Network
*Please check to ensure that you have not double booked any of our seminars, workshops or events*

The voiceover world is a rapidly growing industry, especially considering that video games (which rely heavily on voiceover talent) are now bigger than Hollywood and the music industry. It is no longer thought of as the little brother to the acting world and is getting much more respect than before. As the Owner and Founder of The VoiceOver Network (VON), as well as a successful voice artist herself, Rachael Naylor has firmly established VON as the number one place for voice artists in the UK and now gradually around the world. In this seminar she will give examples and offer advice to those wanting to move into the voiceover world, or how to build on their already established VO careers, through webinars, workshops and events etc.

The VoiceOver Network has become the #1 place for anyone working in the industry; whether a beginner, intermediate or experienced professional. We are dedicated to helping and strengthening the voiceover industry and have made it our mission to build on communication, networking and job opportunities for VOs through our relationships with Producers, Casting Agents, Directors, Sound Engineers and more. We have an incredibly supportive community and are growing our loyal and talented member base around the world.

Rachael Naylor is a well known British voiceover artist, actor, multi award winning entrepreneur, Editor of The Buzz Magazine, host of The Voiceover Hour and founder and director of The VoiceOver Network.

Rachael is based in London and started her voice acting journey over 18 years ago. She has voiced thousands of commercials, promos, corporate videos, animations, documentaries and video games. Brands she is the voice for include Virgin Media, Disney, Starbucks, Sure, BMW, Nestle, Olay, Kellogs, TLC, Channel 4, Channel 5, The Travel Channel, The One Direction Movies and lots more. Her video game credits include ‘Alarielle the Everqueen’ in the latest Total War: Warhammer 2 ‘Queen and The Crone’ video game, Jemma in ‘Wolfenstien Youngblood’, Farrow in ‘Mutant Year Zero – Road to Eden’, plus, many characters in ‘League of Angels III’.

Rachael won the ‘Best Business Enabler Award’ at the National Entrepreneur Awards 2015 in the UK for the work she has been doing with The VoiceOver Network. She also won The Entrepreneur of the Year 2014 for London and the South and was a finalist for Entrepreneur of the year at the National Entrepreneur Awards 2017 in the UK.

Rachael started The VoiceOver Network back in 2014 after noticing a huge gap in the support and recognition that voiceover artists were getting so started it in order to help, support and strengthen the voiceover industry. The VoiceOver Network a membership organisation and a wonderful community, where voiceover professionals, agents and producers at all levels of their careers come to network, train and further their talents as well as help bring the industry together.