Date 28th October 2023
Starts 4:30 pm
Finishes 5:15 pm
Room Carole Nash Recital Room
Hosted by Stephanie Morgan - Both Feet

Are you suffering for your art? Many of us have been taught we have to suffer for our art, me included. What if there was a way which meant you could have happier and healthier relationships with yourselves, your friends, your family, your work and the industry? Good news! There is!

Come to this talk and join my actor revolution – learn how developing a healthier connection and relationship with yourself can change every aspect of your life and help you get more auditions, more jobs, more satisfaction and more YOU.

Stephanie Morgan

I’m Stephanie Morgan (Upsall) of Both Feet Actor Training. I’m a director, acting coach, certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner and mBIT Master Coach.

I have built the only training of its kind in the world: Actor training retreats which fuse everything we do in the studio with the wild outdoors of North Wales. The dynamic combination empowers us to discover what we’re really capable of and phwa have I seen it in so many people first hand!

I’m also driven by a sense of community and what’s especially magic about Both Feet is its sense of family. No matter your place in the industry: drama school or not, been working for years or just stepping in, had leading roles or not confident enough yet we open our arms to you.

Previously, I have worked and coached all over the UK and across the seas. Most recently, I taught Acting to Undergraduates and Masters’ students at ALRA Drama School and ICTheatre & have been a guest practitioner and lecturer at Leeds Conservatoire.

I specialise in The Meisner Technique – a powerful training technique designed to guide actors out of their heads and into the present moment so they can be bold, impulsive, instinctual and honest but with a difference… I combine it with my extensive knowledge of neuroscience and have developed a heart led – Human first, Actor second approach designed to prioritise the wellbeing of the actors that enter my studio.

So much of what I do isn’t just acting related, it’s human related. We all need to know how to look after ourselves, how to listen to ourselves (and others!), how to be ok with everything we’re full of. And we all need those tools to help get us through the highs and lows of life. A stranger once asked me “how do you teach actors how to act?” A question I’d oddly never asked myself. I thought for a few minutes and then I said to him that I don’t train actors to “act”, really what I do is help them notice and strip back their programmed responses so they can be truly open, truthful and connected with themselves to allow them to better connect with characters.

My life’s work is to change the narrative around acting and the concept that you must “suffer for your art” and I would love for you to join the revolution too!