Date 24th February 2024
Starts 3:45 pm
Finishes 4:30 pm
Room Commercial 3
Hosted by Ronin Traynor, ID Fight Director

Learn the principals behind turning everyday items into lethal weapons; whether you have a pencil, magazine, phone charger, or a spatula we can teach you to think outside the box and learn to use it like John Wick.

With everything around you a potential weapon learn to think like a fighter and apply stage and screen combat techniques to create dynamic and safe fights. An essential tool in any actor’s box theatrical fight skills are used regularly in film, theatre and motion capture.

If you want to be effective in using violence to aid storytelling, while having fun at the same time, then this is a good place to start.

Ronin Traynor

The class will be delivered by Ronin Traynor, experienced fight/action coordinator, president and examiner for the British Academy of Stage & Screen Combat and founder of IDFight. 
IDFight provides combat training for actors, SA’s and stunt performers and runs 7 day a week all year round. They hold BADC and BASSC accredited courses as well as weekly drop-in training, and specialist workshops such as firearms, falling, wire work and more.