Introduction to Motion Capture

Date 12th September 2020
Starts 5:30 pm EST
Finishes 6:30 pm EST
Room Room 2 - Saturday 12th September
Hosted by Motion Capture Performer/Instructor Henry Layton from Theatre of Arts
*Please check to ensure that you have not double booked any of our seminars, workshops or events*

This class/workshop will take the actors through a quick day on a “Mocap” set for making a video game or movie. We will discuss the difference between “In-game” and “Cut Scenes”, and how to maximize those performances through physical acting choices.

Henry Layton started his Motion Capture career 19 years ago. It began with Universal Studios in Sweden when he was the Mocap performer for Vin Diesel and other characters for the video game/movie The Chronicles of Riddick. Then his work shifted over to New York as “The Player” for the Saints Row video game franchise. Once coming to L.A., he performed Motion Capture for Stephen Spielberg for the TV show Falling Skies, as well as several other video games and motion capture studios. Henry has been the Motion Capture and Stage Combat instructor for Theatre of Arts Hollywood for the past 8 years.