Date 24th February 2024
Starts 1:45 pm
Finishes 2:30 pm
Room Commercial 3
Hosted by Talent Agent & Founder Of The Hollywood Initiative, Nancy Rizk

Are you ready to make the move to Los Angeles? As a working actor, there are lots of things you need to consider when moving to an unfamiliar city. Where do you live? How do you build contacts, find the right coaches, get an agent? And how can you make sure that once you get there, you’ll have the support system and resources necessary to succeed? At The Hollywood Initiative, we help actors make the transition from abroad—and we want to help YOU too.

This seminar will answer your questions in a friendly and informative environment, so that by the end of the day, you’ll have a plan for understanding the transition from home to abroad. We’re excited to announce our next seminar, “Moving your acting career to Hollywood.” This seminar will be hosted by award-winning actress, writer, producer, talent agent and CEO of The Hollywood Initiative Nancy Rizk. In this event, Nancy will talk about what no one tells you about working as an actor in Los Angeles on your O1 visa.

As a talent agent Nancy will also cover ways to help your agent and be the best client moving forward. The Hollywood Initiative supports actors making this transition by offering them a 10-day intensive program in Los Angeles, that helps them prepare for success in L.A. Nancy will be sharing her insights on what no one tells you about working in L.A. as an international actor & what to expect during the 10-day intensive.

Nancy Rizk

Nancy Rizk is a diverse award-winning Actor, Writer, Producer, Talent Agent and the CEO of The Hollywood Initiative. Nancy has trained with some of the best coaches in Los Angeles which paved her to a future success. Her most recent accomplishments include, Feature film, “The Red”, “Chosen Kin” Amazon Prime, “Deadly Women” Netflix & Cable, “Full Disclosure”, Amazon Prime and “Counter Play” Amazon Prime and 9Go.

Nancy built her company The Hollywood Initiative to support actors on their journey of moving over to LA. To help serious actors who wanted to make the transition to L.A. To help them in a 10-day intensive program to set them up for success. To weed out all the noise and help them with a blueprint and connections to reputable company’s, coaches, and industry professionals. As a Talent Agent, Nancy’s goal is to ensure actors have the right guidance and the drive to push themselves in one of the hardest careers in the world.