Oscar Worthy Moments: How To Get Out Of Your Head and Book The Room

Date 12th February 2022
Starts 9:00 pm GMT
Finishes 10:00 pm GMT
Room Online Room B
Hosted by Actor, Director and Acting Coach Murisa Harba
Type Online only
*All seminars will be available on replay for 3 months – simultaneous seminars can be booked*

You will learn the tools to actively get out of your head and into your body, so that you can give compelling, layered performances with nuance, uncovering your full performance potential. Expect to push past your comfort zone by engaging your body, voice and emotional core through custom techniques that will allow you to find freedom in your process, so that you can bring your A-game performance to long days on set. If you are ready to break through to the next level, this is not to be missed!

An award-winning actor and director, Murisa Harba lives to push boundaries. She is a leading acting coach, author, thought leader, and speaker in Los Angeles, passionate about empowering actors to elevate their truth in storytelling and ultimately unlock their creative genius.

Her fascination with the infinite ways in which our bodies communicate led her to create two custom signature techniques: THE CHAKRA APPROACH® and THE MACRO METHOD. THE CHAKRA APPROACH® taps into the body’s natural energy centres as a way to build compelling performances, while THE MACRO METHOD is an efficient, empowering way to break down a script, complete with strong choice formulas for actors to nail their auditions in less than five minutes.

About The Work Actors Studio was founded by Murisa in 2013 on the principle of challenging actors to dig deep to uncover their truth in performance. Her custom 7 Steps To Elevated Truth mentorship programme supports actors by empowering them to think differently about the craft, digging into what makes them unique and likeable, so that they can up-level their careers. Murisa teaches at the Los Angeles SAG-AFTRA Conservatory and is also recognized as a Backstage Expert, regularly contributing articles to the widely known industry publication. Her #1 international best-selling book Acting With Energy: Creating Brilliance Take After Take is available on Amazon and in all major bookstores.