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Powerful Performing: Be Matchless

Date November 3rd 2018
Starts 1:30 pm
Finishes 2:30 pm
Room Studio D
Hosted by Fran Montano of Actors Workout Studio
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 So, you’re going on an audition. There are 100 people in front of you, and 100 people behind you.  They all look like you. In your opinion they may even look better than you (after all actors are vulnerable, sensitive, and sometimes insecure.) You are all reading the exact same lines. Plus, you are all trained professionals and excellent actors! What do you have that those other 200 people don’t? Why is that casting director even going to remember you, let alone hire you?!  Only one thing separates you from the rest – You!


In this one hour seminar, Master Teacher Fran Montano will focus on Being Matchless. Fran says, “How you do anything is how you do everything.” He has been coaching actors for over 30 years, and notices that many actors leave out this aspect of their work, and hence are neglecting their greatest gem-themselves! Fran’s mantra is not, “Who do I have to be to play this character?”, but instead “Who is this character because I’m playing them?”


Fran will demonstrate exercises, give examples, and actually work with attendees.  Every actor needs to bring “themselves” to their role. This is a great opportunity to see what you can and should “add” to your already wonderful talent.

Emmy Award winner Fran Montano is the owner and Artistic Director of the Actors Workout Studio. For over 30 years, AWS has been one of the longest running Acting Schools and small theaters in L.A. Along with his four-colleague teaching staff, he teaches students ranging from beginners to professional working actors, as well as numerous working directors and writers. The individualized coaching style is reflected in small, intimate classes.  Fran’s reputation is in breaking actors’ blocks and taking them to their next level. His background as an actor, producer and director makes him and Actors Workout Studio an excellent resource for actors finding their way both in their talent and promoting their career.