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SOCIAL MEDIA: Growth and Utilization for Actors

Date November 16th 2019
Starts 11:45 am
Finishes 12:45 pm
Room Laguna Beach Room
Hosted by by Ryan Walker of TSMA Consulting
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It’s no secret that Instagram and the social media landscape are more complicated than ever. TSMA Consulting and founder Ryan Walker present this nationally recognized seminar to help professional performers take their social media further in 2019.

This comprehensive and fast-paced class will explain how to grow social media pages exponentially, monetize large followings with brands, and utilize a presence for your current and future career. This seminar will also cover protecting yourself on digital platforms, where to invest your time and energy in the digital ecosystem and safety steps as your audience grows.

Ryan Walker is the founder of TSMA Consulting, an award-winning social media-consulting firm with a robust screen actors division. He regularly interfaces with Disney, SAG-AFTRA, Nickelodeon, and major studios in the social media space; he has also been recognized internationally for his expertise in digital entertainment. Ryan’s previous background included working in casting, including Pixar films such as Academy Award winning Coco, and series such as Netflix’s Narcos.