Date 25th February 2024
Starts 1:00 pm
Finishes 1:45 pm
Room Sunday 25th February Virtual Room
Hosted by Stephanie Morgan

How can you awaken a whole rehearsal in your body and mind in just 4 minutes?

Join Steph to explore the best actor preparation tool she knows: free writing / stream of consciousness.

It’s an immediate way of giving your character heart and depth by diving into your rich subconscious mind and opening the gates to all the knowledge you perhaps didn’t even realise was there.

It’s also an excellent way to practice letting go of perfectionism, building trust in yourself and moving those blocks.

If you watch this recording, let me know how you get on!

Stephanie Morgan

As well as being a Meisner specialist and director, Stephanie Morgan is also an INLPTA certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner (NLP), a HeartMath Coach and a mBIT Master Coach (where neuroscience backs up ancient wisdoms).

Steph has built the only training of its kind in the world: Actor training retreats which fuses everything she’s learnt over the years with the wild outdoors of North Wales. The dynamic combination empowers actors to discover what they’re really capable.

Steph is fuelled by her passion for creating a space for actors to discover they do not have to suffer for their art.

“Steph is unwaveringly for, and with you. Offering real, workable tools to take into auditions, rehearsals, and performance. An unparalleled level of support within the community to navigate an industry that can feel isolating and lonely at times. Strategies and routines to help combat nerves, support individuals in managing their mental health and physical wellbeing so they feel prepared and invigorated to approach all aspects of their lives, working and personal, with courage and self-belief. Steph unequivocally invites all of you into the room, all your fears, your hopes, your quirks, bits you’d rather hide and welcomes it all. You’re cared for, valued, your work, practice, performance – whatever your creativity may be, it will flourish. You will walk into audition rooms, rehearsal, onto set knowing how to give your absolute best, every time and it will be noticed. Training you can’t possibly afford to miss out on.”

– Leanne Rowley – Actor, Director, Maker