Date 25th February 2024
Starts 2:00 pm
Finishes 2:45 pm
Room Sunday 25th February Virtual Room
Hosted by Guy Allon

Guy will be covering:

Why should actors create
How to start the process of creation
Where to find and how to collaborate with other filmmakers
Why you should NOT make a short film and what’s the alternative
Funding your creative project
The process of marketing and branding your project

Guy Allon

Coming from a line producing background Guy Allon is well versed in all aspects of production and has extensive experience working with Asia and the Far East. In 2006 Guy associate produced the feature film ‘In Your Dreams’ starring Dexter Fletcher, Linda Hamilton and Susan George which was picked up by US sales agent Shoreline and sold around the world.

In 2007 Guy joined Dean Fisher on the production of ‘City Rats’ as a Line Producer which went on to achieve great financial success selling more than 400,000 DVD’s in the UK upon its release. In 2010 Guy joined forces with Obelis Productions to co produce the first ever UK-Israeli co production for the feature film ‘Lipstikka’ which went on to competition at the 2011 Berlin Film festival and had a European release in several countries.

The ‘Halo-Nightfall’ mini series was shot for the Microsoft Channel and executive produced by Ridley Scott which Guy unit production managed several of those episodes. In the years that followed Guy got involved in several Far Eastern films including ‘Dear Enemy’; ‘Triumph in the Skies’; ‘Passage of My Youth’ and Jackie Chan’s film ‘Vanguard’ which all had a massive following in China and Hong Kong.

In 2016 and 2018 Guy produced the Chinese feature films ‘Goodbye Mr. Vampire’ and ‘Grandest Wedding of Royals’ respectively which had a Chinese release and clocked up more than 10 million views online. He then went on to line produce the 4th instalment in the successful martial arts franchise of the IP Man Saga which was released theatrically in the winter of 2019.

More recently he has line produced the second season of the BBC comedy show ‘The Other one’ and also worked on the Amazon Christmas feature film ‘Your Christmas Or Mine’ which came out on Christmas 2022.