Date 24th February 2024
Starts 11:45 am
Finishes 12:30 pm
Room Commercial 3
Hosted by Career Strategy Coach & Host of the Brian Breaks Character podcast, Brian Patacca

Tired of awkward networking events that feel more like root canals?

Join our explosive seminar and become a Networking Dynamo!

Crush the Awkwardness
Learn to build deep, genuine connections without the creepy vibes. No more feeling like a stalker… Or a wallflower!

Confidence That Attracts
Develop the rock-solid mindset to strut into any room (or Zoom room!), exuding magnetic confidence that draws in your ideal collaborators.

Conversation Wizardry
Discover effortless techniques to keep the conversation flowing, ensuring your connections don’t fizzle out like a damp firework.

Gratitude Magic
Uncover the hidden strength of gratitude so you can transform a simple “thank you” into your ultimate networking asset.

Database Dominance
Say goodbye to leaving money on the table! Master the art of an effective database without getting overwhelmed by the tech.

Get ready to network like a pro, say goodbye to cringe-worthy moments, and start building authentic connections that propel your success!

Join us in this transformational seminar, where networking becomes an art, a system, and a source of inspiration…. your ticket to a day of industry connections and an everlasting boost of confidence.

Brian Patacca

Brian Patacca helps actors get what they want without all the struggle. He’s helped 724 actors all around the world find representation and clients call him “The Representation Whisperer”.

Through his wildly popular online courses #agentgoals® and Audition Magnet®, Brian teaches actors how to market themselves authentically, use gratitude to open doors, and book the roles they were born to play.

His coaching clients include Tony Award-winners, Broadway stars, Network Series Regulars, Filmmakers, Writers, and Stand-Up Comedians. He proves that when they follow their purpose instead of playing by a tired set of industry rules (read: limiting beliefs), they can skip the drama, generate momentum, and build excitement around who they are and what they love to do the most-est!

20,000 creative people get Brian’s newsletter delivered to their inboxes every single week – and when they’re not reading along, they’re listening to his podcast, Brian Breaks Character®. The podcast ranks among the top 1% of most listened to podcasts in the world with over 140K downloads and 300+ 5-star reviews.

Brian is a graduate of Northwestern University, Brene Brown’s The Daring Way, CTI’s Co-Active Coach Training Program, Marianne Willamson’s Teaching the Teachers – and on top of the training you’d expect a coach to have – his secret superpower is his spiritual and grounding approach to the bizniz rooted in his training as a Non-Denominational Reverend (read: Universe, God, Buddha, et al). Not only does he promise the how-to’s, he has zero doubt that acting is your divine birthright.