Date 24th February 2024
Starts 6:00 pm
Finishes 6:45 pm
Room Sunday 25th February Virtual Room
Hosted by Kimberley Jentzen

Kimberly is thrilled to be presenting to actors for the first time, new depth and layering Jentzen Technique tools that will hook your audience, boost callbacks, and enhance your overall grasp on characters. These lessons are revolutionary from Kimberly’s soon to be released 2nd edition of Acting with Impact. Kimberly’s coaching has been known to re-ignite passion; and get you out of your head so you can enjoy the freedom of living into the actor you’ve always wanted to be.

She’ll also cover how to effectively shoot your self-tapes, and how to improve your chance by making an impact and positive impression that books. If you want to be inspired, come to Kimberly’s seminar and learn how to create momentum in your career!

Kimberley Jentzen

One of the most acclaimed acting coaches in Los Angeles, Kimberly Jentzen is an award-winning director/writer/coach and a multi-award winner of Back Stage Reader’s Choice Awards: “Favorite Acting Coach,” “Favorite Acting Teacher” and “Best of: Acting Coach”.

Kimberly is the founder of The Jentzen Technique and author of Acting with Impact and Life Emotions App. As a producer/director, her films have won film festival “Audience Choice” and “Best of” awards garnering critical acclaim as “powerful and emotionally stirring”.

With an MA in Spiritual Psychology, Kimberly is fascinated with the human condition and impassioned by the love of the work. Her actors hone their talents to star in major motion pictures, as series regulars on television, and on Broadway.