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What Makes Your Self-Tape Stand Out From The Rest?

Date November 16th 2019
Starts 10:15 am
Finishes 11:15 am
Room Santa Monica Room
Hosted by Casting Director Michelle Lewitt
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Michelle will be discussing what makes a memorable self-tape and understanding why auditioning is an important and separate skill than JUST acting. Do you know what makes a strong and memorable audition? Michelle will discuss these points, and make time for questions too!

Michelle Lewitt has been casting since 1999. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she grew up exposed to the film/TV industry, but originally pursued other avenues in the arena of sports. An avid basketball fan and player, she began her profession as a basketball coach. After a few years of coaching she felt her talents being called in a different direction and left the court to enter the feature film industry. Mentored by casting legends Jane Jenkins and Janet Hirshenson, working along side them for almost 10 years, Michelle smoothly transitioned her love of assessing athletic ability into assessing acting talent and assembling successful casts. She was named one of Backstage Magazine’s “Tommorrow’s Power Casting Directors” in 2012. Her knack for casting potential movie stars before they become “stars” became one of her signature talents and has filmmakers implicitly trusting her casting instincts and taste. She has cast films such as Transformers (Michael Bay), Frankenstein (Bernard Rose), Poseidon(Wolfgang Petersen) and The Holiday (Nancy Meyers). Releasing soon will be Line of Dutywith Aaron Eckhart (Steven C. Miller) and We Summon the Darkness with Alexandra Daddario and Johnny Knoxville (Marc Meyers).